Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pillow Man

Your name is Katurian K Katurian....
"my parents were funny people"

Went out and spent 43 bucks on watching the play that won Adrian Pang best actor! haha.
The fact is tha all the actors were great and now we have formed an Adrian fan club lol.

And here are the fan members!

The dialogue was pretty harsh in terms of language but I guess it suited the set and scene. More importantly the humor was wicked and the amount of twists generated throughout are simply amazing.

Bernard "we should all go support all the Adrian Pang plays from now on man!"
Kader "Yah and wear shirts each with a letter of his name!"
JeRmS "And his surname on our backs right?"

Sheesh haah mad buncha retards we are.
After that had chicken rice and met up with Jo, Khai and Mai! Cool... sorry I could hang out longer!

Back to school! Eek! haven't finish character ani!

#rule 4 a man must have Passion!


Friday, March 28, 2008

#Rule 3 a man must help a damsel in distress

Yeap It's all about GREEN SCREEN.....

Didn't sleep much cuz I finally finished watching Clannad last night... hur hur I'll review it next time lest I tempt yiz to lose sleep again haha.

Anyway I figured that Jiet and Min2 would need help with manpower (cuz I'm literally the only guy around) and plus I've really always wanted to learn how to do the green screen process.

Turns out that most of the equipment was really bulky or heavy hence I put up most of the lights and it was really cool.

And of course the kind beautiful wonderful mummy Jiet Sie treated Pizza~~ muahaha! Pizza de france some more.. yum...

Haha anyway even Eileen got into some of the fun and she kindly invited Mark Chevez down to oversee us... just in case...

"Eh quick quick stop playing! Later Eileen come back scold..."
JeRmS : " Sure or not?... I'm sure if she comes back she'll join in and play lo... haha"

Lo and behold...

Haha.. It's really crappy cuz i did this purely with the touch pad and only spent about 10 mins with all the crap spillage I didn't have time to clean the image.

Well fun though haha can't wait to see what's their end product. Good luck Jiet and min =)


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jackie 21


Prep lasted for 2 full days and I even skipped some classes (but it's those ok classes)

Non the less everything went great!. Hur hur...

Karelin's distraction skills were power and JQ's ability to remain oblivious was amazing too haha..

The food wise was a disappointment to myself cuz it didn't taste like how I wanted it (too salty too etc etc) But yeah... hall pantry has it's limitations plus my time constraint and as usual most of my stuff was newly created from my imagination.

In the end we were all that remained
But the people were still happy on the over all so I'm happy =)
And the curry made from the balance food was uber awesome.
Yifang "This is probably the best curry in all of ADM!"
JeRmS "This is the ONLY curry in ADM haha!"

Curry after the BBQ... Beat that folks. =)

Oh and I got my cert for cheerlead. lol.

Back to reality tomorrow. Back to school =)
Once again Happy Birthday Jackie * hugs =)
Hope we managed to put a smile on your face and yup =) there are still ppl who are willing to celebrate with yal (just don't ask me to prep myself next time yal have a bbq frenzy hur hur)

P.S. The pics are like resized for the blog.. GO to
  • JQ 21

  • to download the better stuff.
    Oh and.. its a bit lame and troublesome but the way to go about downloading the pics is to zoom in on the picture (to see real size) then you can right click and save as per norm =)


    Tuesday, March 25, 2008

    #Rule 2 A man must not be Jealous!

    Well there's lots to Say about today. Firstly... since its passed midnight, Happy BIRTHDAY JIA QI!!

    1. Went to Daiso to buy materials for stop mo but as usual my 'brilliant' luck says that they "zhoon zhoon" must today do stock take so closed....

    2. Ended up wandering around the gigantic Giant, buying 99 bucks worth of groceries.

    3. Spent the rest of the day prepping the food stuff till my fingers got soggy and peely.

    4. FINALLY replaced my thumbdrive ( which went missing ) with a new toshiba 4gig one and my 2 gig SD card which corrupted for only 44 bucks in total!
    (Challenger prices are great!)

    5.Passed out on Hall anniversary (cuz it would only make me depressed to hang around people if they don't wish to hang around me).

    6. Would have gotten more depressed to realize others got a cert of commendation for cheer lead when I myself probably gave my all (more then most) and received nothing. And though I was but a reserve, had no recognition for volleyball which won the championship.

    7. However Wei Ee Msged me that she thought the video that I edited for the hall Anniversary was great which made me happy =)

    Well it's not about the ego or whatever, it's about the appreciation of effort. Fair enough attention cannot be so easily shared it such a big community but still a simple word of encouragement such as the text from Wei Ee would have made my day.

    Kawaii DOORothy was saying she'd feel sad if people forget to ask her to eat, and don't guys feel the same? My reply was. "I can't remember the last time someone approached me to go for lunch or dinner. It's more of a give up already."

    And to those who know me, I hate to eat out alone hence my hermit life in hall.
    Well all's not doom and gloom cuz happy things like Dajie's help today, preparing yummy food, me finally getting new stuff and Wei ee's msg just makes things better =)
    Gosh... I'm so pansy these days... PMS is near... must be the final projects that are driving me mad.

    #Rule 2 * A man must not be Jealous!

    TTFN tatafornow

    Sunday, March 23, 2008

    The Man of Men

    Tenshi na konamaiki is the show that has got me hooked to lately.

    The recurring joke is how the lead (who was a man than became a woman through a curse when she was 9) still wants to become the man of all men but has been living as the "woman of women" for th past 6 years and how all the guys are crazy over her though she still belives shes a he....(Confusing huh.)

    I was surprised to find out it was a 2002 production and ended not long ago cuz the drawings looked antique to me. But I soon found out that it was done that way to maintain loyalty to the original style of the manga.

    Ha...Funny how so many ppl like to come to me for advice on relationships and social problems. I always seem to have the answer (or try to provide one.) and I try to be as objective as possible yet when it comes to my own problems I can rarely find the right path myself. My conclusion is. I'm dead fickle.

    Fickle about women, fickle about work, fickle about decisions, fickle about life.
    AND HENCE! I shall learn from this anime and create a list of Must be's! on how to become the men of men! Haha.. (Who am I kiddin)

    Non the less it'll be interesting to see what I ATTEMPT to resolute at.

    Attached is the opening of episode 1. But youtube doesn't have all the episodes (50 in all) so crunchy roll is a better choice. Highly reccomended if you can survive the first few episodes. =)

    #Rule 1 * A man must not be fickle minded!


    Saturday, March 22, 2008

    KIDS! They can get away with anything!!

    HOnestly.... Anything a kid does is cute.. Anything a grown up does is childish.. haha

    Like come one... give him 20 years and if his standard doesn't improve I'd like to see him perform again... haha

    See this kid add 20 years and she'll be the bimbo bitch of the town haha.. Well unless she grows to be reall hot then maybe she will earn the right to.

    Nontheless.. They're darn cute lol.

    Any of course there are some parents who are just F*&ing crazy.......


    Friday, March 21, 2008

    Swan Lake

    Cheerleaders around... eat your heart out...
    haha.. THIS IS the ULTIMATE swan lake... Well if you're a martial arts/cheerlead or any form of acrobatic freak... This will knock your socks off lol..

    Gotta go back to doing teh hall video! Eek! hur hur...
    TTFN tatafornow

    Thursday, March 20, 2008

    Rant again

    Blogging is therapeutic. Its like talking to yourself. Voyeuristic by nature.
    Yet information is not always true. Innuendos and subtle messages are constantly being posted mostly with the intention of hoping specific people would know what you want to say, yet so indirect are these messages that they almost seem like jokes.

    Some say its for themselves but why post it when no part of you wants it to be read? Is there any purpose then when no one tags you to prove of your own existence?

    My mum got a shelling from me when she called to ask where I am in an almost accusing tone of me forgetting about good friday and GOD (I apologize)... I was in class at 1030 pm. I start to wish that I didn't have to make such choices.
    I got a somewhat threatening tone from the teacher when my phone beeped an sms at 8ish cuz I forgot to switch it to silent mode.
    There is no deadline for God. But there is always a deadline for work.

    I want to know how people can just keep running about happy and playing when there is so much to do. What I want to know more is what am I doing that makes me seem to be lagging further behind then those who do play.

    What began as a joke of JeRmS exclaiming that he wants to quit school. Is turning more and more serious in meaning and reality.

    It is because I know not where to turn to anymore. That I seek this voyeuristic refuge. It's just me seeking attention. Hoping to be answered but never sure.

    I really am getting tired of all of this. I always say I miss everyone so much. No one probably misses me anyway.


    Wednesday, March 19, 2008


    Ok so my advanced drawing is finally settled...
    And the video would be out soon. Joan wants to use it for her class as part of the "Best of ADM" thingy which kinda makes me feel proud that I actually did something that could be showcased.(at LAST)

    Stop mo is on the way. Character design is almost finalized and ready to start.

    Rigging is still in pieces and I need a life!

    Well Here's the setup of my latest in painting en devours. I was literally carrying my wheel around school and everyone was like

    "Hey JeRmS! Someone stole your bike or what?!"

    Brilliant!! They totally got the meaning of the piece before even looking at it! Well not that my bike got stolen, but it's to reflect on the increasing crime rate in ADM. Tsk Tsk. God rest the soul of my poor missing stationary (and curse the bugger who stole it! hur Hur)

    Bridget was like. "I'll need 8 paintings! Submitted at the end of the semester and I was like CRAP!!! Ive lost a mojority of mine!.
    Well the hunting began and I recovered these two...

    Prior to that i kept exclaiming "HEY! I lost my BANANA!"

    OK so they aren't great. But consider how they were all completed within class hours I'm still satisfied with them =)

    Much to learn. Much to do.


    Monday, March 10, 2008

    Mini Exhibit

    Today I felt like I did a lot! And that makes me happy esp since I cleaned my room (including the ceiling fan!!) and it feels so neat and tidy now! Whoo!

    Anyway I was dead tired by 10pm earlier (cuz I worked quite a bit last night/morning) so I decided to sleep and wake at 6am to work again. HOWEVER as it seems my body clock has gone mad and hence I woke at 1'ish am and decided to go straight to sch and worked on my advanced drawing project till now (which is 5am)... And there I Find poor adorable little Peiling still there doing her presentation tom morn.
    JeRmS - "Smile leh.."
    Dorothy - (nick name haha ) "huh... no more energy to smile liaos.."
    The sad life of an ADM (Always Do More) student.. lol.

    More stuff missing and being the "animation rep" (who does nothing) I'm really getting irritated and am probably going to propose SEVERE punishments (Best is expulsion) on culprits caught. Anyway my memory card corrupted awhile ago and hence I decided to start from scratch again on my "Drawing stop mo piece".

    Since I'm at it Might as well give a small amateur lesson on basic drawing and rendering.

    1. When having 2 or more ppl/items, it's good to gauge the distance by placing their heads (which can be used as a unit of measurement) in the right position.

    2. Start with a simple rough sketch (don't go crazy on detail from the start)

    3. When happy, harden the lines (some choose to keep lines soft) for accuracy

    4.Pick out main dark spots paying attention to negative spaces (gaps) and loosely darken.

    5.Colour out highlights
    6. Erase and go again!

    Not a bad thing that I had to re-do cuz I get to tidy up certain unsure elements that I initially encountered.
    And since the emphasis of this piece is motion and in this case stop motion animation is also present (Note I didn't post all the frames... too many)
    Alot of detail could be left out.

    A thousand Thanks to my old pal and his girl, Jared and Crystal for your help once again! =) (I'll do your portraits and treat yal lunch on a later date IF I GET MY DISTINCTION hahaha)

    (Oh and I'll send you the pics and video when I'm free to edit them)

    Here's some of the works found around the Advanced drawing room.

    I named the pics so ya... Not gonna bother labeling them again...
    Well most of them are just class work, ranging from 1 min to 20 odd minutes so the quality can only go that far. Kinda fun though..

    The one on the left belongs to George. Quite a promising year one student and it seems this is his 2nd ever painting. Roughly 1.5 metres by 1 metre in size. Pretty impressive I might add... I think he spent about 5 weeks on this.

    The one of the right is some still life prob also by a year one (unkown)... It's ok... but Took it anyway since I was feeling trigger happy.

    Above is my experiment with chinese Ink, charcoal and chalk. Think it was a 40 minute pose and the size is about 100cm x 80cm. Steph (our model) is charming as usual and zen (the other one) was... err intriguing haha... Never seen anyone that fat in the nude before. A good learning experience.

    Finally.. Porh Kaerh!!! hahah.... This painting is tiny... A4? I think... And it's incomplete (haven't glazed) but I finally had a camera with me so i couldn't resist taking a pic.. haha... Really grown attached to this dino chicken haha.

    GOSH! I've been blogging for 75 mins!!!(its 615am!).... All the stupid uploads take so long in hall. haha. Gotta zzz liaos... project meeting at 1130.. Like I said... sad life of the ADM'er hahah



    Sunday, March 09, 2008


    Hee just when I thought the world is lost (or just myself), my brother of brothers Ben CHow gave me a call in the afternoon to ask me out and told me that he's quitting smoking!!!!! I literally told him.. "Bro you just made my day. This is the first official call that I've received without my initiation that isn't work related since God knows..." GOD works in mysterious ways!

    Apart from that I had a belated lunch with my family to celebrate dad's bday and I bumped into LEON the muscle man at velocity and BOY HE'S even more lean and buff than before! And he's there to partake in the exhibition BOXING match!!!

    Last but not least I went to remedy and put up banners in school with alex (who is actually my childhood aquaintance!) and bumped into Fiona Yeo (who still looks young and cute though she's my age! grr) at KFC when we were having dinner!!!!

    Hee... seems like the world didn't disappear, I just needed to go out more. (when I find friends.. haha)

    In ANY case...(haha recurring self joke from prev entry... GRINz..) here's an old piece of work...

    Well all that's left is THE REST of the work which includes, character walk, and push or lift heavy item.

    Next I'm sure all of you remember this feller...

    Well I've been working on a still life of Porh kaerh dancing with a wire armature and BOY WAS IT TOUGH>>>>>

    All the creases.......


    But it turned out good hur hur... sorta.... Haven't finished glazing and Never had a real chance to take a good photo of her.

    However here are 2 of the earlier pieces that Bridget made us do to practice on tonal and warm and cool scales... (Err they are more like to post my 'progress')

    Well anyway I WAS supposed to uppload another stop mo but my memory card corrupted So I Guess I'll have to redo it... Grr... Oh well.... Sunday's almost over. Brace yourself JeRmS... It's gonna be a great week.

    JeRmS with a smile. =)

    Saturday, March 08, 2008

    Cultura Night

    This year's cultural night was great. Apparently the largest ever in the history of all Halls so much that it got marked in a calendar or something.

    Ben did a great job replacing me as well and everyone had a good laugh when he did a mock of Jacky Cheung.

    ANYway.... I saw xxx. Lol... Was kinda a treat for me but nontheless that doesn't help the condition of (recently) emo JeRmS.

    That's another story ANYway, haha...

    Well of course I'd think I went there with no one and off course I thought big deal... even if I performed i probably didn't have any supporters. It is obvious that most of the crowd were cheering their lungs out in support of their friends and I don't exactly have the greatest of talent to be wowed at and to receive the praise and cheer from the guests, Nat Tan (who was great!) who HAD to sing THAT particular song which kinda adds to JeRmS emo'ness... Thankfully the other guests (who were f*^kin awesome!!!) David Tan and Jim totally brightened my evening with their spectacular voices.

    Crap... Whats going on with me... Must be PMS(permanent male stress) again... The cravings.. the bloating.. the mood swings.... haha
    Officially 3 people (and counting) have announced and told me that I'm skitzo (err dunno how to spell). And coming from the fact that they are my closest (or at least at some point of time) people to me, I'll believe that true friends don't lie (or at least harmful lies) so i'll take it as that.

    Cheers folks. I really miss a good night of partying and drinking till I'm near gone... Unfortunately JeRmS motto to drinking is
    - Only drink when you are happy! It ain't fair to the booze!

    I really REALLY haven't drank properly in awhile...


    Friday, March 07, 2008

    Inspiration piece

    Apologies for my previous emo post.... After load of sleep and stuff lotsa "anime" therapy I'm back to my own self.

    I was tuning in to the radio on my way home to 'celebrate' my dad's birthday (happy birthday pops) when I heard that the A level results were out and that this year is the worst in history... or something like that.. So I was a little concerned...

    And just as I arrived home, my mum told me that my sis was crying all afternoon cuz her results were not to par....

    Oh well... I do believe in God and the bell curve so I guess she'd be fine and make it to a uni f sorts some how... I think it was along the lines of BCD or something... But if everyone's doing so badly I'm sure something will work out.

    Nontheless here's my inspirational piece that I discovered during my anime therapy

    Online Videos by

    A piece by the man hailed as the "GOD of Manga" by the Japanese. Osamu Tezuka himself!
    For something at 1984. This was definitely revolutionary and in my opinion, though the colour and effects are a little rough on the edges, the technique used is and animation standard is still brilliant in modern day.

    Thats all for now... haha had pics to put but my memory card corrupted and they were all lost (sobs). Will update again


    Thursday, March 06, 2008


    I have no idea why but I'm feeling like shit.

    A leftover.. That's what I am.
    My work is sub standard and I don't understand anything that Roxy says in rigging class.

    My friend's from the past have all seemed to disappear and my current hall friends are non existant. My school friends are great but they seem more like working partners, you know, close but not like buddies, almost colleague feeling... (hope I don't offend anyone).

    I had to be dropped out of cultural night simply cuz I can't attend the last 3 training sessions due to school work and I can't sell tickets cuz

    1. I have no friends. (or related that would bother to go cultural night)
    2. I'm too busy with work to actually go selling tickets.

    Fair enough I should be supporting my own event that I WAS going to perform in. However mine was pretty much a last minute item otherwise I would just be a "buy one ticket in support" feller rather than the has to sell 10 tickets and without even being to sit back and enjoying the show..... Hence is it really right of them to be upset that I couldn't sell even though I tried?

    Just as these thoughts passed by.. on how everyone I ask out seems busy and that no one actively looks for me to just.. you know chill? (though I doubt i can make it but I'll definitely try)

    My neighbour walks over to my room door (just when i came back from sch at 1050pm! straight after class... such nice timing) and knocks asking to buy over booze from me.

    Then the person he's drinking with asks me to treat them the vodka that they took....

    1. Fair enough its duty free so that costs $26? it's half a bottle so that makes it 500ml but if you buy a 750 ml bottle from the store that's gonne cost ya at least 50 - 65 bucks... Even if the cost of the drink was cheap, the tickets to fly weren't.

    2. I'd actually bring along the bottle and drink share it for free even... If they had the courtesy to ask me along for a drink and had some form of contribution as well...(mixers? tidbits?)

    So as a friendly neighbour, how should I react? Charge them by the quantity left over? i.e 500 ml should = 30 bucks? or half bottle = 12 bucks. And thats giving them a nice convenience stall at my room without the joy and company of having a drink with them...

    Sigh and to think I was just suggesting some of my class mates to come over for a drink...

    Once again my lack of friends, despite my friendly outward appearance is making me depressed. Does no one treasure me or think of me in times other then when They have a use for me?

    The two people who have really loved me have been chased away by me. I my self do not actively seek, simply cuz I find no love around and for me.

    Ironically people in general look for me when they are depressed. I don't mind cuz I really do care. But I'd like to think that occasionally, one would like to look for me when they are happy as well..

    Maybe it's just the excessive amount of commitments I have that lead to me not being able to ask anyone out.
    Maybe it's just that everyone's just as busy.
    Maybe I'm childish
    Maybe I simply suck and no one really wants to know me.

    Sigh I'm just ranting.


    Wednesday, March 05, 2008

    MISONINJA (mee-soh-ninjah!)

    It was finally completed at around 730 am in prep for the 9 am lesson.

    Many items I wished I could work on but this is sorta just a mini assignment (which was loads of fun) so we can't really afford to spend too much time on it...

    haha be sure to note on our sexy "Goddess" hazie... sometimes known as sweetie, Kyip, Jeeep, in all her beauty.... lol.... (Like I said... if we have nothing to show at least we've got her)...

    Other characters include,
    Super main chracter - yizzo (editor)
    Floating princess - Jessica
    Disappearing act - Dion (also Co-director / effects manager)

    And well I'm the director/cameraman/concept & costume developer/backstage crew/co-editor / co-effects personnel... (Well I didn't act so i had to do all the other work didn't I... haha)

    Hope everyone had fun and a great laugh.

    TTFN tatafornow