Sunday, March 09, 2008


Hee just when I thought the world is lost (or just myself), my brother of brothers Ben CHow gave me a call in the afternoon to ask me out and told me that he's quitting smoking!!!!! I literally told him.. "Bro you just made my day. This is the first official call that I've received without my initiation that isn't work related since God knows..." GOD works in mysterious ways!

Apart from that I had a belated lunch with my family to celebrate dad's bday and I bumped into LEON the muscle man at velocity and BOY HE'S even more lean and buff than before! And he's there to partake in the exhibition BOXING match!!!

Last but not least I went to remedy and put up banners in school with alex (who is actually my childhood aquaintance!) and bumped into Fiona Yeo (who still looks young and cute though she's my age! grr) at KFC when we were having dinner!!!!

Hee... seems like the world didn't disappear, I just needed to go out more. (when I find friends.. haha)

In ANY case...(haha recurring self joke from prev entry... GRINz..) here's an old piece of work...

Well all that's left is THE REST of the work which includes, character walk, and push or lift heavy item.

Next I'm sure all of you remember this feller...

Well I've been working on a still life of Porh kaerh dancing with a wire armature and BOY WAS IT TOUGH>>>>>

All the creases.......


But it turned out good hur hur... sorta.... Haven't finished glazing and Never had a real chance to take a good photo of her.

However here are 2 of the earlier pieces that Bridget made us do to practice on tonal and warm and cool scales... (Err they are more like to post my 'progress')

Well anyway I WAS supposed to uppload another stop mo but my memory card corrupted So I Guess I'll have to redo it... Grr... Oh well.... Sunday's almost over. Brace yourself JeRmS... It's gonna be a great week.

JeRmS with a smile. =)


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