Wednesday, March 05, 2008

MISONINJA (mee-soh-ninjah!)

It was finally completed at around 730 am in prep for the 9 am lesson.

Many items I wished I could work on but this is sorta just a mini assignment (which was loads of fun) so we can't really afford to spend too much time on it...

haha be sure to note on our sexy "Goddess" hazie... sometimes known as sweetie, Kyip, Jeeep, in all her beauty.... lol.... (Like I said... if we have nothing to show at least we've got her)...

Other characters include,
Super main chracter - yizzo (editor)
Floating princess - Jessica
Disappearing act - Dion (also Co-director / effects manager)

And well I'm the director/cameraman/concept & costume developer/backstage crew/co-editor / co-effects personnel... (Well I didn't act so i had to do all the other work didn't I... haha)

Hope everyone had fun and a great laugh.

TTFN tatafornow


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