Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Emotional times...

This is strange but I've been having a string of emo moments.

wont harp much about it but breifly put, I had nightmares nonstop for 3 days and when im awake i just feel tired sick (nauseous) and about bad spells... well time to take acold pill and sleep now

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Many Many Things

WELL once again thanks to the poor school connection I have not been blogging much. More importantly my spanking new Mac Book Pro is down....... sobs.. at the tender age of less than 3 weeks.3

Well there were ups and downs etc etc but the most recent thing that I am gonna talk about it Cheerlead mascots! lols.

Nothing much to say except that WE SHOULD HAVE WON. LOL......


Thursday, January 11, 2007

lessons have begun

Well schol has started and there's load of HW nontheless I've told myself that I need to catch up on grades considering how far I missed my original target by...

Then again that's just all talk. My actions don't seem to be proving myself wrong... Oh well... back to the old drawing board.... Gonna do my HW now (I hope)...

Here's a few pics I took during 3D class.... (Just had to pamper my narcisistic side)

TTFN tata for now

Back to school

First of all i'd like to mention that this is a delayed post thanks to poor internet connection in hall.... date back 090107

I finally returned to school (not that i was really far away considering how much time i spent in hall.) just to discover my application for jap studies was rejected. Off course I sent an online appeal BUT I FORGOT TO MENTION THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE..... I may wanna go study and work in Japan if i can.

anyway that was that.

Tuesday had been a poorly planned day. Was trying my best to ask someone important out but ended up she said she was ill.. hmm... I shall leave it as that.

Ended up instead with my momma bell! (always reminds me of momma bear in goldilocks.) Went to her place to take back my cap and chill before we head to town in the attempt to meet up with some of her church friends for dinner and boardgames at Tim's place... PITSTOP cafe... (yal can check the link)

Then everything nonsense and problematic happened.....

Well skipping the fact that my initial plans were cancelled cuz my friend was ill, it rained just as i was about to return to hall so i headed straight to bell's place. Next my slipper strap broke in the midst of shopping and as the day progressed, everything got messed All the people that were supposed to go to Tim's place Pang Seh'ed and we ended up in my hall room watching VCD's in which the first of 2 was pathetic.

All in all I enjoyed the company of ma mommy bell bell as usual though the rest of teh day sucked. (ESP me not getting my elective and my friend falling ill)

TTFN tata for now

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A bizzare year of change

Everything seems so fast and quick yet strange to begin with...

Started with me joining acapella and cheerlead. And bumping into pretty Annie in town on the first night that I finally left NTU island.

Up next was the Ritz Carlton. Regular dinner party with the "leafers" drinking and groping (well it wasn't the intent but what the heck... I'd describe it as that way anyway) lol... and due to a twist of events I'd say things are never the same again!

Next up david's place 23rd dec. Somehow after a regular birthday of drinking and stupidity 2 things have changed. I met a pretty little lady AND I suddenly found new GREATER love (from my original love) for booze!

24th. My first rush back home only to stone by the computer on x'mas day! (craving for drinks)

25th (craving for drinks) Ended up at cyber dome playing Xmas Lan with David and bryan

27th Bought a Life changing book. "The Game" and celebrated jas' bday (drinks!) got a senior to stay over the night for drinks and emo session! yay!

28th new found vision with my specs. Watched deathnote and found out about the death of the cheelead squad.

29th Went to a party of kids. But with some pretty kids I might wanna add haha... Nah.. It was a church party which I sorta got convinced to go butit was cool

30th Went out with boss and popped by my gramps place thinking it was SUNDAY (it was sat)

31st My fav bitch's bday. Chee Seng! And had a count down on a bus thanks to the jam. Followed by roaming the streets till we decided to switch to watching a show.

1st (linked) (330am) watched "BORAT" easily the STUPIDEST show on the planet!!!!!! a MUST watch for film addicts. (1pm) woke up to have lunch and celebrate my parents wedding. (3pm) went to SENTOSA with Jo (to be defiant) and watched "Water" at vivo (hmm sentosa to watch water hahah)

2nd (linked) (somewhere past midnight) sat in a shopping cart with jo and hiding from passer-by's. Chilled by the water front with sprite and vodka peach! whoo!! (220am) Walked back across the bridge to sentosa and pitstopped at the ferry terminal for a short nap (where a few motorbikes came to disturb) (somewhere near 4am) walked down to palawan and hid in the "SOUTHERN MOST TIP OF SOUTH EAST ASIA" (after cupnoodles at 7-11 that is..) (8am) woke to see the sun rise in the WRONG direction. (1030) linked up with Mai and Khai for breakfast at Palawan's "Kou Fu" just to discover its his 21st bday! whoo! Left to collect a monitor for my cousins, met Ben chee for an "old buddies" meeting,

went to cor leaf to work and meet my attractive new supervisor. And last but not least. Collected my pay and left as the restaurant closed at a record breaking 9PM+++..... haha

Damn shack!.

For those who always wonder why I'm still unattached... Trust me.. I'd like to find time to spend with a person whom I'd hope would become a loved one one day too... haha more importantly. i'd like to find the time to squeeze them into my schedule.(excuses for a confused boy) Lol.

As much as I'd complain that I'm so busy that I didn't have time to slack and enjoy my hols. How can I that I didn't have any fun this festive season.

To a better year always. (and yes I'm still a photo slut)
Happy New Year, Selamat Hari Raya Haji and God blessed year

TTFN tata for now