Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My life SUCKS

Let me briefly talk about my life in the past ! month.

1st week.
Bought a new pair of frameless specs. $270 to replace the prev titanuim pair $280 (That was stolen) LOST
Was in hall camp and somehow my Fossil watch($135. birthday gift from sister less than a month old.) disappeared... Dunno how dunno when... LOST.

2nd week.
My bball $80. Seldom used... first time bring to court only got stolen. I was playing a game with Alex etc. put the ball down beside my bag at the court. LOST.

My best gal pal finally pissed me off and I snapped at her cuz she has been plain anal to me for the past TWO years. The conversation ended with. "Obviously I'm not good enough to be your friend so there." Never talked since.

3rd week.
I brought in a few bottles of alcohol in a bag and the bag hit the floor...
Lychee liquor bottle smashed... My pencil BAG ,box and car ruined.

I lost my less than a month old frameless specs ($270) when I was changing in a toilet in orchard MRT. Ran back to look for it. LOST.

4th week.

My mum was like Hey boy I need the cam next week cuz I'm going melbourn for a hol. "No prob"
Next thing i know, Bridget asked us to hand her CD of photos of our work.
Casio exilim. $700+++.Not that I didnt take the pics but some werent clear so I retook and while Taking photos faced down slipped and SMASHED lens first now jammed cannot turn on nor off.

Stayed up all night till 530 am to work on project to be presented at 9 am.
Waited till 1430Hrs... 5.5hrs later just as It was my turn to present, lesson was over so Lilian siad that I'll present next week.

Told someone that I liked her. She replies. "AH.... ok..." Later that night she tells me "etc etc.... I'm waiting for XXX(a good friend of mine) dear to deliver.... to me...."

* In the course of the month I fell sick 3 times and coughed blood just yesterday. My voice... in the 2 top choirs @ schooling level last time has been damaged beyond repair. 4 weeks sore throat straight.

I Don't know about you people... BUT CURRENTLY... I FU*KING hate to be me.

**I'll update something happy when I have the mood.

ttfn tata for now.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sleepy... Wanted to upload some pics onto my webshots but err ya... tomorrow ba haha...

Anyway the only thing other than advertisment watching at 4-D class that was worth my day was definitely the "Drifting" assignment(also for the same class)....

Someone... I won't say who... But I think her pic is going to appear soon.... suggested going to a cemetery to do the exercise.

Anyway it was all cool... could have been better if we did it closer into the night cuz that was when the raw emotions were and the loss of the ability to use our eyes would lead us to be guided by our other senses....
BUT as to all things that we normally do there was a big BUT..... Yiz had to go for pageant and dinner beckons.....

I'm going to bed... IT's 4 10 am....

TTFN tatafornow.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


My apologies to the brothers sisters and strangers who bother to read my blog.

I've been having a serious deficit when it comes to having sleep these days and somehow the net connection in my school loves to give me problems so ya....

Well since I last blogged I've had hall camp and 2 weeks of school! So I'll breifly talk about it

Hall 6:

I freakin puked my guts out on the first day... Just plain tired? Or maybe a stomach flu but I guess introduction day isn't all that important ya? Nothing much to talk about the camp except that it was a blast! Everything was great except for the part whereby the INGRATES of my group decided to split the hampers that we painstakingly won amongst themselves whilest I was returning props and stuff to the seniors and the only thing they can say was.....

"Eh there's nothing left from the hampers.... Who ask you not to be there when we splitting.... If you want anything can go around asking those who took and see who can spare you stuff ba."

Hey want me to beg? Over my dead body... I mean it was a team effort man... Even to those who didn't attend the full camp should have at least recieved a cut... Dunno what the F^^k yal thinking cuz if I were there the items would've been split ALL ways..... I don't even wanna remind em that one of the hampers (Best banner) was ALMOST fully to my credit.....

grrr..... but nothing to lament about now that it's over.

-foundation drawing = Nude model in front of your face so stop staring and draw!!!
-2D workshop = Hey take a chill pill. You went into the first tutorial drunk but hand up your stuff and all is cool.
-3D workshop = Mr Vice Dean of the school is teaching this lesson but he's even cooler than the other average geezers so chat.... and I do mean CHAT
-4D workshop = Yay! advertisements magazines and photo discussion times.....

Western Art History...= WAH.......!!! (feeeeeeeeel)
LIT = You have got to experience the true power of articulation!

Apart from having little sleep thanks to a fun filled life in hall and waking up at 8 every morning (cuz yes my time table is damn early....) I've taken up capoeira and rock climbing and possibly lindy hop dance.

Would write in again soon.... no Photos to upload cuz they are all in my lappie in sch!.

I Need tO GeT Me OnE oF tHosE!

TTFN tatafornow..