Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Ok crap.. I'm supposed to be sleeping or doing my work but I got over mesmerised by these youtube vids...

freaks!!!. A LEGEND from the past and present. It's like my new idols man!!!
And I thought pablo francesco was great.

Can't wait to go to the museum this friday.
Apart from that we celebrated Bryan's bday but I ain't got pics cuz no camera! lol..


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Date with 3 and a half!

Today was strangely amusing. It started off with me trying to find a date for shopping for Yiz Birthday pressie. Which resulted in a photo spree and from my initial single date with the ever hot aunty monster! turned out to be an enjoyable day with 3 and a half beautiful ladies.

Lol. First to join after aunty monster was Hot momma a.k.a "Helloooo NURSE!" and mini babe ashley the monster buddy. Last but not least we've got Jakhoon extraordinare Miss God Ma a la' drunken hot stuff.

- The first of my hot dates came with a big smile....
JeRmS :"hello aunty monster! How ar..."
and even before the sentence was complete, his head was cleanly bitten off!

- "Emergency! Call the nurse!" Poof! a hot momma and child appeared out of thin air and decided to pose as car show models!

-"we need and alcohol swab quickly!" "Did someone say alcohol?" In the blink of an eye our Chi-indian beauty swept down and devoured the volatile substance

ASHLEY was being so extra adorable today that I had to ask her on a date!

JeRmS:" You wanna go on a date with me?"
Ash: (Shy smile)
Aunt M:" Where would you like to go on a date to?"
Ash:" I want to go on that tree!!"
JeRmS(LOL):"If uncle goes on that tree the tree will break!"

Well due to Ashley's incredibly sensitive tastes on dates, we eventually ended up in the National Library and I carried her around so much that the gals were starting to say that I look just like her father!

Once again aunty monster (currently upgraded to aunty may ee) started the ball rolling and said

Aunt M: "Ashley call him Papa jofa(pet name... long story)"
JeRmS: (thinking sheesh...)
Ashley (hugs my head and goes) :" we're family now!"

I was crushed... She's simply too adorable!!!

Well that more or less concludes my evening and I managed to take the photo above Just as I arrived at Yiz's party. A swatch flik flak I did buy... Wearing she must!.

TTFN tatafornow


ONce again I'm stunned by Ronnie's skill.. ahahh

Also stunned by the amount of unglam poses we were in hahah..

Paper doll pretty much sums up the act!

And what's a Cheerlead team without the love of photo whoring!

And with our sacrificial tao pok! The ladies finally showed who was the boss!... grr (yet to get back at them)

P.s. the vid can be downloaded from the hall web sit mah.. very fast!! its the under IHG... hee How come cannot see leh? Hmm I try to youtube it see how.

TTFN tatafornow

Friday, January 25, 2008

Mommy It's over!

My mum first saw me today This month... lol...


"Why you hair like that look so ah beng!"
"Eh, next year don't join cheerleading already. Waste so much time and money."

Haha.. Oh come on momma my new cut is nice wad. And cheerlead was GREAT!

Haha I finally got to see the video of our performance that got uploaded. It's err.. well the camera man was inexperienced la haha.

In anycase the performance was ALOT more out of beat and out of syncro than our usual but the energy was simply wonderful! And for the first time ever! our PAPER DOLL(final move) was a complete sucess!!!!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day!~

I lost my temper today... Well.. It was brief...

Calling and calling I finally gave a loud shout to ask them to get into positions.

Yup tomorrow's the actual competition. Well I wasn't pissed per say, but it seemed like the only way anyone was going to listen and though it worked, I sorta regretted it.


Days and nights of training has bred a new batch of Eagles and once again new friendships are strengthened and forged. Funny how Boon managed to summarize everything in that little speech of his. Cuz I know exactly how it feels to under perform in a competition (at national level), not because you are careless and lousy, but because you were too nervous and weak due to over anxiety.

I do thoroughly love these guys and I'll darn miss the training I have with them.

Put up a good show Eagles!
Go! Fight! Win!

(p.s. dunno why my face so sulky in the picture. hahah Trying to act cool)

TTFN tatafornow

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Well this is part of what I've been up to apart from cheerlead.

SO don't let my efforts go to waste!!! everyone who see this try to go!!!!....(speaking from part of the Impresario publications team lol...)

ANyway I haven't really heard the competitors myself but SHOULD be not bad =)

p.s. the posters connect! lol


Monday, January 14, 2008


I was doing the banner till 6am this morning till I knocked out on my bed around 7. THanks to our ever ready president eileen who gave me a shcoking wake up call, I managed to grab a cab and be marginally late for class... THANK GOD asian art hist hasnt begun so I managed to get some rest and catch a movie!

le grand chef.

not to bad. 3/5 stars on my rating. It had it's highs and lows but unfortunately I'm no big fan of Korean food and no offence but compared to many other cuisines this didn't have teh necessary impact needed for such a film. Other than that it's quite a family kinda show so great for all ages.

Apart from the movie I finally get some rest and managed to youtube....

totally cool artist if you ask me.


Saturday, January 12, 2008

More Cheerlead

As the competition gets closer I can feel them getting stressed.

But as much as they do I still feel that they are really getting the hang of things (as am I) which is great! My final (hopefully) major commitment to hall for the year till FOC =)

I'll almost miss the training once its over man...

Hope that these bonds wont be broken so easily after. It was after all, through cheerlead, that I got to know my two best buds in hall. Ma Brother Mike and angela.


1. Get good cheap matching shoes!

2. Build up your muscles!!!

3. Get ample rest!!!



Thursday, January 10, 2008


Alrights this is super belated but here are the pics for xmas folks!...

Merry christmas evryone! haha... Belated..

  • Xmas07

  • TTFNtatafornow


    Cheerlead competition is on 23rd Dec and hence training has been scheduled to be every evening of the day.

    Some ask me is putting all this effort into this team worth it?

    I'd say Yes...

    What are my expectations? I don't expect to win, hell I don't even expect to end up in the top 3 spots. But I intend to give them a hell of a show and I've damn proud of the team.

    Last year we trained endless hours in vain. This year... Everyone comes on their own accord. I don't believe in forcing people to do things. Do it and enjoy it!And that's the valuable lesson that I learnt the hard way. You guys are the happiest thing that has happened to me in hall so far and I'm glad to have met you lot.

    Some may say it's too laxed and a loser's way of thinking to believe that it's not all about the end product but the process. However from the amount of effort everyone has put in, the cliche I'd still use is. You're all winners in my eyes.