Monday, February 16, 2009

Who's line is it anyway

We wentto the "Valentine's massacre" Improv finals and for those of you who do NOT know what improv is, here's prob an example of the most famous one of them all..

And we found out that Ryan stiles and Collin were both members of the Theatre sports alumni in the late 1980!!!!...

The entire show was like walk in


walk out.....

I swear and watching who's line is it anyway will kill me with cramps soon.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

My new obsession

Alright since this is a "work and play" blog I'll upload some shit at last...

I hope I don't get sue'd for this nor pinalised for explicit(nude) content!!! But here's the disclaimer...

I've been doing my favourite things and staring at naked bodys for hours hahah... (Come on jia.. look at the bright side.. If I were modeling you, you'd be posted naked on my blog too hahah)

Ok so... here's the real obsession...

I quote kadar "Dude.. how can you get tired modelling that man.. you should be fired up!"
Pity I don't have her real images for phot ref.. that could prob inspire me more... haha

Well i think my model of my own head was shitz and there was no hair blah blah... I'm gnna do a full rigged version of scarlet and we'll see lol.

It really sucks to fully work on my mac... no large arsed monitors that I could rip off from sch and no 64-bit dup quad cores that I could leech off.. zzz....

Oh and rather than just facebook I think I'll start throwing my daily food stuff in my old food blog again---> lifeofabug


Friday, February 13, 2009


It's valentine's day in a few hours time and that's followed by a week's term break...

freakin 3 more assignments to go! argh.. Well could have been perfect lol..

So anyway I spent 1 night rushing an assignment due today and here was the result.



I swear I know nuts and was just putting in plug-ins haha.... well it aint great.. but I barely put time into it... Much to learn... I have..