Saturday, July 12, 2008

POets In action!!!

So here I am chatting to Ken in the middle of the night and we decide to relive the dead poets.

So he goes "throw me a line and I'll follow"

Throw me a line, anything's fine. As daylight ends, lets all try to shine.

"from the depths of ours struggles the humble pencil threads his line. Bleeding lead. Always led"

Bleeding lead my arms grow weak
Inspirations flee and ideas leap
but though we struggle they're hard to keep

Like infant from a mother's arm, my strength thus sapped.
child like, guided, or maybe trapped
like pieces on Fate's chess set.

until our roads hence met
till then i bid you not forget

So save me now bright seraphim

"i dont know how to go on, so how, mr lim?"

The ending was a killer haha.. Ken always cracks me up.
And Jerms would always say wahssup!


Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Gone were the glory days when I had the cockiness to slow down in a 2.4km run at the last min so I'd get my perfect Gold with everyone behind me failing to meet the mark.

Gone were the days where I could safely claim my prize money from the SAF just by spending some time running and doing "warm-ups".

It's final! haha I brought a digital watch that lasted fine all the way till 5 mins before the run. IT DIED. After which I thought what the heck. The new digital system would announce my timing. Then it rained.... Ok so I laid down to shut my eyes for 15 mins waiting for the rain and it's time to run! The aim of the day was at LEAST silver.... and I was on my way to getting it when the display of the machine BROKE DOWN and my 5th and 6th round was running without an aim. Fair enough if I had maintained a constant speed I would have gotten my silver easily. But NO!!!! I slacked! thinking the incentive cash was good enough and without the prompt of time... I MISSED BY 2 SECONDS!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH>>>>....... =~(

Hee.... Anyway enough of that.. here I am enjoying my spankin new AKG's!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I LOVE YOU PEOPLE!!!!!


Hur hur. (Narcissistic pic) Hope jia has a nice day tom =)