Wednesday, February 21, 2007


umbrellas umbrellas

What would you do without em.

In today's 2D class we had to run around taking pictures of stuff to represent space depth and distance and voila! Instant umbrella collage.

Hmmm still wondering which colour scheme I prefer...

Havent been updating lately so I'd probably do a super long entry again soon haah I'm in the middle of lessons now anyway.

TTFN tata for now

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I just had a chat with ah Ling just a couple minutes ago. Rare cuz we're both seldom visible online and somehow we talked about how she became my Girlfriend for a day lols.

Non-the-less it reminded me of clubbing as well as how the two of us, together with the unwilling parties of Mike and Ling Zhi, had our little seduction game haha. Simply put, she'd eye a guy (victim 1) and when the guy gets interested I'd take her away and it's a cycle till he leaves. Mean sounding yes... But then again I was feeling mean that night and wanted to try a social experient (I'm an artist so everything's justified) hence the birth of operation "Jealous vitims of D-ah Ling and BF" (Or at least thats what I suddenly decided to name it at this point in time)

Ok maybe I shouldn't have been mean and all but hey it was 4 am, the club was about to close, and I was tired and bored. Haha next time me and my D-ah Ling shall go hooking up lesbos ya? hee...

Alicia's Birthday

Well I'm always saying how much I hate to club and all but actually it's all about the money. If I had the millions to spend I'd happily cab down, buy ten rounds of drinks and cab home (or better yet.. chauffer) happily in the comfort of my buddies and gal pals. HOWEVER somehow I've been clubbing slightly more than I'd normally do so I shall just put up some photos (from my phone cuz I'm in the sch com lab now and don't have the cam pics) of the clubbing of the past couple err months?

Well this is just up cuz I like the pic. "Miss you lots momma!"

TTFN tata for now

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Konbanwa watashiwa JeRmS san.
Yososhiku onegaishimas.

Well basically I just said good evening, I am JeRmS. Nice to meet you.

Jap classes have begun. ADM actually mailed me to ask me why I didn’t take an elective and I simply replied: “I applied for jap Language but they rejected even after I appealed and all other electives I want clash with classes so what you want me to do?”

Next thing I know the head of the Jap language school tried calling me, to much avail, and she ended up sending me a mail, asking me to call her back urgently. Unfortunately I only read the mail 5 days late and by the time I got back to her I was 5 weeks behind schedule… YOU TRY learning 5 weeks worth and sitting for consecutive tests all in 4 days….

Not to mention how lousy I’ve always been at memorizing characters hence my shitty Chinese grades. I really did try hard to study but I’m really suffering now in class... Maybe I’m not fated. BUT!! I will still try. One of my mini ambitions is still to seek apprenticeship in Japan and possibly work there for a couple years so this is mandatory…

Oh well here’s some art that I’ve sketchily done lately but I kinda like it. Not to mention this blog was initially set up to show case my work and archive it.

Chalk and charcoal for 3-D class done in err half hour?

Acrylic on canvas. Black and white experimental piece. Not totally finished but I left it as that since I ran outa patience plus it ain't graded... I still like it though. Lol.