Wednesday, March 28, 2007



It's something coin'ed up awhile back on the takes to a relationship.
Am I a commit-ma-phobe?

Do I really find it that difficult to commit to any one person or thing?

Perhaps it's because I'm so open to new ideas and things that result in this.
Perhaps it's my thinking that nothing lasts forever.
Or maybe I've just become too skeptical of the world as I see it corrode in it's existance.

Are we really developing as human beings? Or simply moving forward in one direction with utter neglect of the other.

All in all. Nothing ventured nothing gained.Experimental, I am.
As much as that statement has led to my dilema, perhaps a venture into true commitment may also bring out answers.

"Forever is indefinite. It is infinite, impossible. However that never stopped the countless who have died trying."

And that would be the thought of the month.

TTFN tatafornow

Monday, March 26, 2007

Self portrait of a developing soul

I spent over an hour on half the face making it as realistic as possible and about an hour for the rest.....
Later on I spent another hour DESTROYING all my detail just to make the lighting..... ARGH..... regret.... hahah
oh well it turned out fine....

I quote from Bridget

"Look at that! Brilliant presentation! Smashing improvement coming from a person who's pieces normally look like they've been walked over a couple of times...."
"There seems to be more than 2 hours of work put into this piece" - Fiona
"You really think so? because it's Jerome, he could have probably spent less time on it... He's really fast you know."


grr... NEXT TIME i'll slow down... haha once my detail all covered then people think I never put effort... Then again considering the class normally spending 7 hours or more one their pieces my 3 hours seems insignificant.

Lost my wallet on thurs, had a shitty day... But now all is fine again...

TTFN tatafornow

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Jeremy Last day

Saturday nights at coriander are fun as usual... well sorta...

And with jeremy leaving the pack on his return trip to the Phillipines, there calls for only one thing...........


Samia got him a bracelet, Tony got him a watch... And I basically helped him down a drink or two that he didn't want to finish. Lol..

All in all we had champagne b52 and who can forget.. makan at Gluttons bay!.
lala, "orh lua", Hum, hokkien mee, veg, BBQ chicken wings and sugar cane juice we had...
Link to my photo album to get photos.. not many... but I'm posting there anyway...

TTFN tata for now.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Paintings and such...

A big thank KYU to both my lovely models on the recent assignment. Both of which are my darlings. Lol

Spent 2hours taking photos and 8hrs straight just to edit and print HALF of them... in the end I STILL have not even finished my 1ST corpse...
Disappointing yes. But at least I have my primary resource gathered and I'm happy about that.
Finally home and away from the school's bitchy net connection. I swear its the firewalls that are messing everything up but Blah whatever.

Apart from announcing that I'm utterly happy that a friend of mine finally put a stop to what I would only describe as a "henpecked" cause,this bog is meant to upload what I've previously been forgetting to put up... Photos for viewing! hope everyone enjoys (btw the photographs suck but I'm not going to major in that so yeah.... make do)

TTFN tatafornow

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

An exquisite corpse

What is an exquisite corpse? It is a work of art wherby a group of artists create a dynamic piece via a group effort possibly, seperate times and seperate locations. The crux is whereby they connect the heads of their piece exactly to the tails of the piece on top of it hence perfect co-ordination is needed at both ends of ech piece....

Ok that was a crappy explaination. Basically you have many works of art that all connect to form a big piece...

In anycase I've attempted to do 2 not so normal pieces. A combination of several exquisite corpses to make a calander with a combination of photogaphy and painting. And also break the "sexual" thingy that school students are normally too afraid to do....

Well I Haven't actually completed even one piece and thats alarming considering that its 249 am in the morning and the pieces are due at 9 am... nontheless I kinda like how some of my photographs came out HENCE I shall post a couple of em out first just to tickle myself.


TTFN tatafornow.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Long Blog

It's that time again whereby I write a long entry to remind myself of what I have done and to update the world on what a joke it has been for me as a human Bean.

Starting with the most recent of stuff.

Hall 6 cultural night held at the playden @ the arts house at old parliment house.
Me and Mike were dragged in to be guest performers in replacement of another act from the acepella team. Well as all would know the EX TURTLES and mascots wouldn't just sing a song, we'd give a performance not to be forgotten.

Quoted from mike
"It's time to change our image. No matter what we do and no matter how serious we try to be, people will still laugh at us."
"Now we have grown 2 more legs and upgraded ourselves from tutles to grass hoppers!"

Chao Meng's "AI BU PA"

Apart from rehearsals and other stuff I don't have much to mention for the rest of my memories.


Next fondest memory would probably be the celebration of Mike's birthday! we had a ball making him guess the items of his gifts (if not he'll have to go home without them) at pasta cafe whereby we were served by the ever lovely Simin.
K-tv and drinking was then in order...( you have me man... how can you forget about drinks!)


A belated outing in the form of a picnic ended up as a makan session under a void deck (thanks to our thunderous weather)
Yellow was the colour of the day!!! hee...

New year at Batam!
Gretel Kavan Jo and myself...
Well basically we had go carting and alot of quality time sleeping and resting in the hotel. Not to mention me scandaling with Kavan!!!! lols.... Seafood was not bad too.. very fresh and damn cheap! (just know where to go first)

Yada yada.. not much else to say except that I'm gonna die cuz I AM SUPPOSED to spend my day working but have been slacking for the past 12 hours.... sigh... projects and test are here....

TTFN tata for now...
BTW note to self.... UPLOAD the chao meng video!!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Once again my excuse not to blog is that I've been busy beyond reason... Then again.... It's just an excuse.

Well It's the 15th day of the lunar New yeAr and I've not been feeling re4ally good hence i decided not to gamble. True enough my luck HAS BEEN TERRIBLE. I only decided to play a game of mahjiong not too long ago cuz well... it's fun.

And in the 2 games that I have played.... I HAVE ENDED THE GAMES PREMATURELY.... cause I emptied my drawer of chips before the game ended...

Well I JUST POURED my drawer out again and I'm about to go into the 2nd round... bleah.. whatever..

TTFM tata for now..

(P.S. BLEAH... JeRmS BiTeS Kyu and pouts all night)