Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I suddenly awaken and remember the title.


Not the best of flims, but pretty decent. More importantly once again this is a film which ONLY I remember and was something that got me to doubt myself (like the snorks.) The producer no longer exists and it was distributed by FOX.

An environmentalist flick this feature animation had the voice talents of people such as Christen slater and Robbie Williams and appeared on the big screen even in Singapore in 1992! Last but not least, it was the show that linked me the most to the song "The hot stepper" (from my prev post) and was probably where I heard it for the first time. (And yes folks, to those who haven't watched the film... there's a scene whereby the lead guy listens to his walkman and dances to the song)

Much like The Snorks 1982-89, it was from Hannah-Barbera and had 4 fully seasons with more than 60 episodes in total!!! If that's not good enough what is?

The thing is... I don't just like animation, I love it. And have loved it since birth. Shows that have only been screened when I was 2-3 years of age could remain in my memories till now, 20 years later.

How did this mad craze of ancient cartoons surface recently? Lol... thanks to animation art history when I was utterly disappointed when NON of these films that I remember became part of our study (which also made me wonder if I was just imagining everything up since no one could find it.).

Well my curiousity to my madness has been answered and HENCE!.... More happiness is of me.. hee..


Monday, November 26, 2007

It's over!

HUr hur.. I apologize folks but it's over! All this emo nonsense. lol.

I guess it's partially exams and deadlines, BUt my finally paper will start in less than 8 hours and end in the blink of an eye.

Theoretically I feel all this emoness started with someone and something. In a way i feel it ends the same way.

I think I finally know what I want and with THAT.... I live guiltless. (sorta)


Hee... thanks JEEP for leaving the cake in my fridge =) hope you had a happy birthday cuz somehow me having to eat it has picked me up (tog with Bryan's comments)

With the end of my emo phase, I shall post some photos of the happenings that happened in the past few weeks and several pics from the 2, 22 yr old birthdays I celebrated.

Hope yal all enjoyed it.

I've said it once I'll say it again... As long as yal are happy =). Nothing depresses me more than feeling under appreciated or at least when I put in effort to something then everyone simply reacts with an unhappy face.


TTFN tatfornow
Happy JeRm

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Maybe Tomorrow I'll find my way

I heard this song on the radio a couple of weeks ago and somehow it keeps ringing in my head lately.

I seem to be losing direction in everything that I do these days. Religion, friendships, school, and goals in life.

Maybe tomorrow I'll find my way home
Maybe tomorrow I'll find my true direction
Maybe... I'm just having wishful thinking.

Must be all that emo(tional) mambo jumbo that was being screened on the film screening last night. I almost teared when I heard the little boy call out "ah mah!" in the short film that was supposed to be happy. That small boy had a 2nd chance. I didn't. She died beside me on my bed. Our bed.

Emoness is of me.


Friday, November 23, 2007

2D show case

A comment hurt me earlier..

I didn't know how to react.

Well as in my previous post, I have admitted that I do not expect nor deserve a good grade this semester. Neither do I have half the amount of dedication as my peers nor have I produced anything outstanding. However during the 2D animation showcase, I had the most screen time in my class.

I was just mentioning that due to my poor consistency, my work has gone down the drain and probably the only things worth looking at are the final (which was incomplete) and my dance (which was without in between frames aka incomplete).

However to my surprise, the teach completely left out some of work from a couple of my peers and only took small snippets of the best works from the rest.

In the end the only comments left on my shoulders were

"hey I see now the teacher has a new favorite student. You must love him now. F#ck man all my effort has been put to waste. Put so much effort into the final and it didn't even get screened".

I always say, don't act modest when unnecessary. If your work is good, or at least decent, accept compliments graciously. I won't say my work is good, neither do I think it's atrocious. With that I accept the compliment that my work got screened but do not agree with the negative feelings cuz facts are facts.

The teach felt my piece was appropriate for the moment but that did not mean I was better. And hence the comments though probably unintentional was not really right.

Oh well... =(

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Prepare yourself.....The hot STEPPER

Die form nostaligia folks.. youtube has EVERYTHING!!!!

Here comes the hot stepper
Ini Kamoze
Hit it
Nah, na na na nah, na na na nah, na na nah, na na nah, na na na nah

Here comes the hotstepper, murderer
Im the lyrical gangster, murderer
Pick up the crew in-a de area, murderer
Still love you like that, murderer

No, no, we dont die
Yes, we multiply
Anyone test will hear the fat lady sing
Act like you know, Rico
I know what Bo dont know
Touch them up and go, uh-oh

Here comes the hotstepper, murderer
Im the lyrical gangster, murderer
Excuse me mister officer, murderer
Still love you like that, murderer

Juice like a strawberry
Money to burn baby, all of the time
Cut to fade is me
Fade to cut is she
Come juggle with me, I say every time

Here comes the hotstepper, murderer
Im the lyrical gangster, murderer
Dial emergency number, murderer
Still love you like that, murderer

Nah, na na na nah, na na na nah, na na nah, na na nah, na na na nah
Its how we do it man
Nah, na na na nah, na na na nah, na na nah, na na nah, na na na nah

Start like a jackrabbit
Finish in front of it
On the night is jack , thats it, understand
Im the daddy of the mack daddy
His are left in gold, maybe
Aint no homey gonna play me, top celebrity man

Im the lyrical gangster, murderer
Excuse me mister officer, murderer
Still love you like that, murderer

No, no, we dont die
Yes, we multiply
Anyone test will hear the fat lady sing
Act like you know, G go
I know what Bo dont know
Touch them up and go, uh-oh

Nah, na na na nah, na na na nah, na na nah, na na nah, na na na nah, yeah man
Nah, na na na nah, na na na nah, na na nah, na na nah, na na na nah, right

Here comes the hotstepper, murderer
Im the lyrical gangster, murderer
Big up all crew bow ya, murderer
Still love you like that, murderer

Here comes the hotstepper, murderer
Im the lyrical danger, murderer
Pick up the crew in-a the area, murderer
Still love you like that, murderer

Here comes the Hotstepper
Im the lyrical gangster
Im a live in-a me danger
Still love you like that

Da da da da
Da da da da
Da da da da

Busy body

I realise that it is my innate nature to be a busy body.
Somehow I would always wanna give my 2 cents worth in opinion or add a touch here and there to everything belonging to everyone except my own.

So what makes me the expert that's so great and self righteous to judge everyones' work and life styles?
What makes me feel that I myself am fine in the current situation such that I have the time to bother about others?

It is (in my opinion) the lacking of standards on my own self that result in my own demise. Looking back at my past semester in ADM, I have realised from looking at others work that I may have been the one who always seemed to be the most ambitious and at times most obnoxious, however I was also willing to put in the least effort in comparison to my peers.

No doubt some argued that I have always seemed to pull off what seems not normally possible or at least difficult to achieve, but even so my work has definitely been nothing less than half arsed and only good enough for submission such that I have NOTHING but the bare minimum.

With that I am in deep regret. Only because my once held opinion that the only reason for failure is that I do not put enough effort, is now smashed by the thought that that very statement has been overused and that since I never really have put in the time, I may NEVER have been able to achieve what I had been setting out to do.

With a heavy heart, I look at my 2D portfolio and cannot help but feel as if I'm one of the most inferior in class. though far from perfect, Had I put in as much effort into my other works as I had done for my final, the current state of my final would be far ahead from what it is right now.

Even with that statement it seems that I am satisfied with what I have now and conclude that what I have currently achieved is commendable.

The only slap back comes hard on me when reality sets in from the comments from 3 people. My Mum, My sis and My ex Girlfriend.

Mum: "Is that all? Thats not impressive."
Sis: "That's it? haha"
Jo: "Well the others are more cartoonie. Yours is like more elaborate."

Elaboration is not the key to a good animation. There are tons of artists out there with far better skill and hence my concentration to have the "prettiest" drawings in class no doubt has gotten me some attention, but the end result is the same. Over ambition without hitting the mark.

Why bother on some lousy character design when I could have focused so much more on REAL animation? at the end of the day the real loser is me and hence I new found respect for all those around me. (Salutes) RESPECT! (Particularly to Joan, Jerly, Lix, Kim Siang and the rest)

QDDZJ "qing duo duo zi jiao"

Friday, November 16, 2007

I"m falling

ALmost done with my 3D at last (without the sound...I'm doing it now).. THANK GOD that Davide finally spoke to hans and we now have a ONE DAY extention...

My conclusion is I'm still screwed... And I feel bad that I'm unable to visit Gevenie(not sure how that's spelled) at the hospital...

I'm feeling really tired and 100% used... Well some how the aunty has been really nice lately so at least that somewhat makes me feel better.

here's 2 pictures to represent how I feel....

Battered and bruised, there's nothing to lose... Keep moving!
TTFN tatafornow

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My shitty 3D

ok I rendered 3 scenes thay i currently have... Basically a light ball flies into this dude's head and he comes to life...

It sucks cuz I suck and iI have no time to work on it hahah still got 2 D to go!!!! "Kampateii!!!"


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I finally found it! THE SNORKS!

For a good 10 years of my life i've been wondering... could I have been the only human in Singapore of my age that ever watched this cartoon?!
I mean I loved it as a child and I keep telling people it's some snorkel or snooker or something but NO ONE ever knows!!

Finally! I accidentally found it!! more than 10 years in the searching... and the show was made from 1984-88! meaning I did watch it when I was 3 and I AM not (well not all the time) crazy!

Whoo hoo!!!! I'm super happy.. hur hur

TTFN tatafornow

Monday, November 12, 2007

Zoo trip

Heads up.. zoo pics online and up for grabs.
  • We're going to the ZOO zOO Zoo

  • How bout you You YOU...

    Sunday, November 11, 2007


    Strangeness is of CAT.

    Proud yet curious, reserved yet adventurous. She doesn't reveal all of her feelings at once but leaves you hanging just about enough. She'll come close and cuddle up to you and at the least expected time, turn tail and simply disappear.

    4am. 1 leaves, another arrives. The moment my eyes are shut CAT prowls up to my face, sits there and speaks.


    First I am stunned. What should I do? She's pretty harmless really and I guess I can keep her in my room.


    There she goes again. I sit up and listen. I watch her as she surveys the area. I thought. I should just sleep leaving my door ajar.

    CAT cuddles up. She looks so happy sleeping in the corner, but strangely refuses to come into my arms and prefers to simply curl beside my legs. Specifically leaning on them. Not wanting to be near yet not wanting to be apart.

    I shift my body, she follows and leans on my legs again. I check my mobile phone and she scratches at it as if saying, "come on who you talking you.. Talk to me!"

    After awhile, I slowly got attached to her. I stroked her. Her back, her neck and her cheeks. She seems to enjoy it but refuses to let me know.

    And in the end I fell asleep. I woke up when a friend on my bed woke and she was still there by my legs. But when I moved up to talk to my friend CAT woke up and stood on the floor beside me looking up. Almost jealous. She jumped on and I had to carry her to put her aside.

    I then went out for a drink of water and she followed me.
    I guess she got upset that I closed the door behind me cuz I never saw her for since.

    I must say those moments were brief but happy. Though it was but a short while, I somehow felt loved by her and almost wished it didn't end. I kinda miss CAT.


    Monday, November 05, 2007


    Well work is going on overdrive and people are going mad... me mainly.

    So I'm asking a whole lota people to dance for me but promised not to put em up online... soon...

    Well here's my main character for my animation thats sorta in production at the moment and some goofy character modeled after ... JIA QI!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA..

    TTFN tatafornow.JeRmS