Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Apple... ELO! WTF

As much as i'm a fan of apple and Mac products (I own a MBP, Macbook and iPad) I have to say..

Hey WTF!!!!!!

Over the past years you've been getting more and more complacent and worse! You're ignoring the voice of the people...

Well i understand that you wanna prove to the world that what you say is right (the late Steve) but hey... steve and his ego is gone. So please go back to making a wonderful product and be more service orientated.

No I do NOT want itunes to be my default player. It takes too damn long to load, (I'm SURE there's tonnes of worm softwares within) and your stupid itunes thingy is whats causing my com to hang right now grrrrrr

Go Get EM! PC!



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