Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Well sch is about to start and hall finally gave me a reply re-accepting me into teh community.

It's a shitty wait and a shitty reason but not the less I'm glad to have a place to stay considering i'll have lessons that last till 1030pm this coming sem. (That freaking means i'll reach home at MIDNIGHT at best)

AND..... I'm tryig for an audition...
AAI383 (3 AU)
Choir I
(audition on
1630 1930 Choral Room

If I remember correctly it's some subject on choir and performance... hmm hahah strange that i'm going back into that path but I'm supposed to have the background and hopefully it'll be a breeze.

NOT TO MENTION the most important thing of all.....

It would mean that I have taken enough subjects for this sem and hence it completes my timetable of a 3 day week!!! whoohoo!!


well nontheless it's got it's down side with my poor attention span, most of my lessons start at 9 am and end at 730pm on 2 days and 1030 pm on wed. (I"LL FREAKIN DIE >.< )

oh well... i drew a kangaroo while i was half asleep and i'm going to post it up just to see my progress when i touch up on it later... as for now

TTFN tatafornow

Monday, July 09, 2007


The question is... Will I forget?

I have typed alot and all... and done some research. Nontheless My heart is heavy as I am still unaware of my hostel situation.
NOw all the stuf that i'm typing and writing seem so "cover" when I don't even feel for it.
A broken artist I am... well for this event at least..

Nontheless Responsibilities must be fulfilled and at most if I don't go back I'LL HOLD THE GRUDGE FOREVER

TTFN tatafornow