Tuesday, June 27, 2006

WHY like a bug....

One day some super cute girl decided to call me jerms as a short form for jerome. I thought that Jerms was totally difficult to say and unbecoming of a nick name (especially since it sounds like some virus) but since she was sooooooooo cute I decided to adopt it in the end.

Since I was going about using the nick jerms so commonly, one day when I fell sick I simply claimed that I’m officially… JERMY…

Then some how 1 of my 2 brain cells decided that (catching a flu) = (getting in some germs)= (catching a (flu) bug) hence being a JERM… I’m kinda like a (flu) BUG…..

HENCE!!!!!!! TADAH!!


(Wanna know the reason why I started the blog must read the first entry….. But actually I intended to use the blog as a free showcase for my art which I was too lazy to scan or create new stuff in the end)



Monday, June 19, 2006

Self awareness

Today is the day I bitch about self awareness...

I mean it's ok to be vain.... I mean won't the world be an ugly place if everyone goes out without giving a hoot about their exterior appearances?

I went to the gym with my neighbour and I met these few others (her friends). They are like in the army and they were still going to the gym EVERYDAY!and you should check out their builds!...... wow..... the will power. Wish I had that. But what about the people who are happy and proud just to sit around and bum. Liqing,(my colleague at work) made a superb comment.

"Wah they make themselves to nice and big now later they 30+++ liaos still will bother to train meh? then in the end all sag and stuff"

I mean to each their own. I always wanted to get a good beautiful 8 pack and take a photo saying

"hey..... that was me! 10 years ago! (which i lost and reverted to what I am now in 6 weeks)"

But the only thing I'm having is a 6 pack of beer waiting in the fridge for me.

Can anyone be truely happy?

Well I'm not going to dwindle on about this issue.....

Next we have self awareness on our own attitudes..

Someone called me and asked "Hey someone told me that I'm really selfish and self centred... Am I?"

The next thing I knew, that person literally treated me as a "when it's convenient for them then they answer you and throw tentrums on you without warning" but I'm cool with that.
Just gotta get used to it.

The thing is that if you truely are selfish and self centred, then what I say now wouldn't go through would it? Not to mention all the politics involved in containing the subject that we were talking about.

People should just stop asking such questions. Sometimes I ask it too. But it takes a real MAN (or WOMAN) to admit to the fact that they themselves have such faults which brings us full circle to where we began. Self awareness...

My mum scolded me claiming how self justified I am and that everyone in the house had to see my face and colour.
Well.... The truth is. I am! And I've known that for a long time! But I keep telling her. "So prove me wrong and i'll conform." Never did happen.

At the end of the day..... My conclusion is.
Humans can never be pleased. Tell them what they want to hear and life COULD be better. They say best friends tell the truth. I say. Keep telling the truth and you'd be losing your best friend. Nothing wrong with being political. White lies are fine..Just don't do something that could harm someone else. Errr not to say I lie to all you folks... but yeah you get the meaning........

This has been yet another meaningless entry from jerms cuz he has nothing better to talk about... THE END

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The BABE of all BABES

So what makes the Babe of all babes so hot?

Is it cuz of her figure?

Last time maybe.

Is it cus of her looks?

I must say it plays a part.

Or is she just plain cool?

In my opinion, the babe of all babes is simply so because she never ceases to impress me.

What's the most ATTRACTIVE point of a woman? Such questions I have asked myself since the dawn of time and I still haven't gotten my answer. People ask me what sort of girls do I like and many times I could not answer. Even if I find the person extremely beautiful, I still may not be attracted to her. In general I like teh demure fair skinned lady with big eyes and a cheeky smile. Yet things can change in the blink of an eye.

Chemistry plays the main part. 2 People of totally different backgrounds and characters can get along just fine if there's that one special element that not even your best of friends can put a finger on.

So why does it always have to be that I seldom get attracted to most of the beautiful of ladies? Maybe it's an inferiority complex. Maybe it's just a lack of chemistry. Nevertheless it's not like I shun all the babes, I just never had much luck with them....... Lol

okok..... the more I try to make sense the more senseless it sounds......

Oh well...... I've always mentioned that's what I love about life.
All the STUPID encounters that you have to face.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

SOMEONE LEND ME 300 BUCKS! and lend me a lorry

Like I always say..... I'm a sentimental fool...

I was clicking on my OWN u tube post (which is at the bottom right of the blog shoulder) and watched it again for fun.

Really brings in so many fond memories of the ACJ experience. MORE importantly towards the end of the clip I suddenly realised something important....

After graduating from the school some 3 years later........ I STIL HAVEN"T taken back my POT!!!!!
Grrrrr 300 bucks and a hopeful wish the Mr Alan Dunn (the mentor!) still remembers me and I'll be getting it back! only problem is how on EARTH am I suppose to transport it home and where am I to put it? Hmmmmmmmm Bother.....

Someone please lend me the money and a lorry...

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Looks the same?

Well it ain't!

In any case my scanner SUDDENLY BROKE DOWN... So I had to resort to taking a photo.... Sigh....

Hope the client is happy at least.

So what do you all think?
Tag me...

Monday, June 12, 2006


Its done!!! But i DONT LIKE IT.........

Sigh... sub standard work doesn't make me feel like charging the feller.. not to mention they (and I) had such high hopes.. not to mention its for the church..

Nevertheless one must eat and my materials weren't free....


The Things People Do

Here are some of the wierd things that have been happening around me... Well... To me at least.

Have you ever stopped and stared at someone doing something or something that has ALREADY been done by someone and wonder...


The 1st thing that many considered wierd that happened to me recently would be my hair change. Well I can't say that it was EXACTLY what I had wanted, but why is everyone making such a big fuss about it? And to think I am wanting to add a few purple streaks to match the gold and blonde....

Well to all the people who says my hair is wierd... You're wierd too..

The funniest part actually came when I was walking along AMK. Dressed in a T-shirt, shorts and slippers, I walked straight into a group of 3 young punks all with the same dressing style and hair as me! One's fringe was red, one brown and one light brown... And all 3 of THEM were STARING at me.... Haha...

I swear that if we stood in a line we'd look like some television advert for hair colours or something.

Well the next thing wierd would be food related...

Why would people go to such a great lengths, leaving nothing but an ounce of food on the dinner plate, just so that they don't have to keep it or do the washing? Sometimes I truely believe that they'd save more energy washing up then trying to avoid things... Then again it could just be a game to them. Something fun to liven up their boring lives.

Last but not least. After every meal there has to be the toilet visit...( well within a day or two at least)

Isn't it frustrating to see an empty bottle of shampoo? Or a squeezed out empty tube of tooth paste? SOME PEOPLE.... I will not say who..... I will not say in MY HOUSE... I will NOT SAY sharing the same bath room... Would rather wash themselves with nothing but the most meagre if reminence of soapy water than to simply get a new bottle. Better yet! DON'T use whats not there! Don't Shower or shampoo! Depending on what's missing.

And what I ENCOUNTER MOST of all would be ...

Either they think that the last 3 squares of the toilet paper would save their lives...... Or all the tree hugging grass kissing nature activists refuse to waste this last bit and get a new roll for use.

All in all, it's a wierd world we live it... All readers including myself would probably think

"Who on earth would bother to take a picture of a thing like that?!"

Hey... Haven't you noticed? I'm probably the wierdest one of all.
Oh well.... heidi ho hum...... Goodnight!

Saturday, June 10, 2006


It is already sunday morning (440 am) I just came back from MOS (my first visit) and spent like quite bit there. After which half the bottle of chivas regal was still left there and the rest of the guys were still bitching about how we should get some money off the girls for getting on to our drinks and not to finish the bottle while they were away.

Tsk tsk... so much for generosity haha but I guess they are right. You should'nt simply throw away money just like that. (like me) but yeah. All's fine and dandy. I still love the guys ( you know what I mean) and definitely love the women.

Nonetheless I still didn't have the time to touch on my painting and I would think that I'm gonna have to rush all day and night tomorrow just to finish it.

Oh well.... the saddest thing is yet to be announced. All my CLOSE friends won't be able to attend my 21st birthday party at the end of the month. Well not all but a majority of them would either be confined in the army if not they are currently overseas or WORKING... So much for my grand event and all. Not to mention that the majority of the people that aren't in singapore are actually the girls! Well technically I don't mind. I'm the kinda person that loves to spend time with my pals be it a guy or girl. BUT... I'm also a people pleaser and I would THINK that many people would be disappointed by the fact that the female population would be less than even half of the original intent.

WHAT the hell I say... I'm trying to celebrate my life into adulthood here. Not start a match making agency. So screw those who can't come ( errr no offence lol) and just have a ball of a time I say. i would definitely prefer my special day to be spent with a special someone IF I HAD ONE but yeah.... Love and life has not been as kind to me as most people and hence if that is how it has to be, then that is how I'm going to accept it.

No questions asked.

Jealousy and hate would definitely be the fall of mankind.

Friday, June 09, 2006

work work

Work work.....

These few days I’ve been extremely busy... Thank God Dom put my working schedule in such a way that I juts nice have enough time to do my stuff and work at the restaurant at the same time!

Staring at the com for over 30 hours in 2 days doing my aunt’s project and doing video clips for Cor Leaf too! Then again the boss hasn’t had time to talk to me about the video clips so I really don’t know what she wants yet.... Hmmm Money down the drain if you ask me. But nevertheless it’s one less project for me which simply makes more space to complete my other project.

The Painting...

Terrible experience. So much for my confidence at the start. As it is the time meant to be spent on the painting has already tripled and it is still incomplete. Worse! I have to deliver it by Sunday! (By the way the time now is 2 am and it’s already Saturday morning.)

Oh well..... Rush rush. I’ll post a picture of the painting when it’s done and whoever bothers to take a look shall be the judge. To me it kinda sucks... and I do hope that it’s good enough for them anyway. Worst comes I’ll simply have to lower my labour fee.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Stupid Signs.

Have you ever encountered a situation whereby someone does something that is so "DUH" that you don't even know how to react? Well I encounter it all the time! In FACT I'm probably the one who's doing the "Duh" thing in the first place...... But that's not the point...

Today we are going to talk about DUH sign boards...

Well the discovery that Thailand was the land of smiles was one thing... But looking at their

signboards... Me and Jason probably figured out why they were giggling at each other half the time. (And NO... it wasn't simply cuz we looked retarded.

"Now we know where SUPER man "And the counter REFUSED to accept
goes during his free time" coins cuz they were to heavy."

The most shocking thing of all is that I thought Thailand was bad.... If you fair folks DO bother to look carefully..... Singapore is WORSE!!!!

" Finally it's safe to steal again!"
Sign boards! Posters!! Everything! Eek....


And Ben said... "Watch out!!!"

The biggest coconut in the area landed smack on my head...

"It hit me so hard I died from laughing"

And the ULTIMATE show stopper was shot by my NOKIA 7280... (The lipstick phone that performs worse than crap.) Nevertheless... my $79 Bluetooth adaptor that I bought eons ago (yes I was ripped off... Bought it from apple....) is cranky and refuses to be recognised by my computer so I can’t display it here.... ( I will when I’ve finally solved the problem)

Well.... Lets just describe it. I was cycling past a bus stop and it totally made me do a jam break just to take the photo.

It’s a picture of a drawing..... (drum roll).........

(tombstone) Mummy...... (tombstone) Daddy...........and me (creepy looking drawing of a girl)

MORE importantly. The slogan and firm it’s advertising for.



Someone shoot the creative director.... This stuff is bad for the mental development of kids!