Monday, May 14, 2007

NETWORK marketing

IS net work marketing a big deal?
Is is really all that bad?

I've been attending talks the past 2 days and Ive concluded.
Network marketing is what you make of it.
hard workers will earn tons of money,
Some are hard workers but end up losing money and getting burnt.
But is it right to simplty give up and condemn any one method of work or payment just because you've been burnt once twice or even 20 times?

Opportunities are all around if you want them. but dont' jump around recklessly,
Study the company, study the plans and make the right decisions. That is when you'll truely earn money and not be cheated.
Access yourself.
Are you an investor or a worker?
Are you able to commit your time? Or willing to part with your money for possible long term benefits?

Currently I feel that the company I'm in has the greatest potential I've ever seen in the longest time. Simply beacuse it's not only a net working company. It's a legitimate company that's a cumulative combi of experiences from the many companies Mr James Pang has created from. And hence. Investor or not, you WILL EARN if you join this company. Not only is it safer than any other investment out there, it not only concentrates on net work marketing but diversifies it's income via investments and property.

I'll say more when I see you. Trust me I'm not dragging anyone into anything unless I'm sure i can help them. And if you haven't trusted me enough to believe that I'm doing this for your good as well, then all my efforts to be a sincere friend has been put to waste.

Stigmas are a thing of the past. With a good brain and an ability to decided whats good for yourself, Everything deserves a chance if calculated.

TTFN tatafornow,