Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Tale Of 2 Beaches

The sun, the sand and ooo yes... The beach! Whoo!

Went to harbor front at 9 am! (means I only slept for 4 hrs grr..) just to discover that no one from pedros was there!...

After a few last min phone calls, I was depressed and contemplated on leaving the place but thankfully a few people from the other groups (namely francis, greg and cheryl-ann) recognised me! (yay!) And decided to "adopt" me into their gang.

Feel guilty for leaving me alone pedros!

  • Sentosa290706

  • In any case spent a short but fun time there before I had to rush down to East coast for a Sand Castle building competition (Which I was semi conned into going) just to realise that my stupid watch was slow by a GOOD 1.5 HRS!!!

    Eek... had to rush down in a cab which cost a sweet 10 smackers which is alot for the REALLY broke me.

    Nevertheless.... despite the monster bratty kids around me...(pardon the language cuz everyone knows I love kids and kids love me...But not that day at least plus I'm a monster myself! haha) at least I got to meet the 2 beautiful lovely ladies who shocked me with their ages which I shall not disclose... haha (And their cool names... Danielle and Juvian)

  • Sandcastles!

  • Anyway all in all I barely slept in a week and I'm tired as hell from games at sentosa, wrestling children all morning and having to build 2 sand castles cuz my aunt is a B.U.M.

    Hall camp is in less than 12 hours time... I need to sleep.

    Oh well I brightened some photos and shrunk most of the images for viewing purposes. It's still good enough for the developement of photos but if you wanna be "ngaio" and start asking for the full sized one's be my guest and tag me or mail me at

    call me... no wait... don't I'm SLEEPING...

    Friday, July 28, 2006


    This is a dedication to my STOLEN pair of spectacles.
    One of the best that I have ever worn yet it's beauty was so short lived.
    Elegant and strong you now sit on someone else's face.
    Yet with grace I must leave you.
    Your place will never totally be through.
    Nevertheless without the loss of the old, how can the new arrive?
    Hence welcome Al'frameless
    I bid Titanium good bye.
    (And may the moron who stole my titanium pair perish in his or her own conscience.)

    Thursday, July 27, 2006


    Here's a conversation I had with Cas online...

    "i'm anti-social"

    i think you need more
    Jerms Infectuous Influence the J.I.I. (new term) in your life"

    how am i supposed to accuire this virus?"

    "chill out with an unknown entity by the code word.. J.E.R.M.S more often"

    J.E.R.M.S (Jerome the Energetic Robust Male Superstar)

    I think I should change Energetic to EGOTISTICAL... but hey.... how many people have regret having a splash of me in their lives?

    Hee.... DON'T answer that question.

    Wednesday, July 26, 2006

    new com

    I finally got back form all my camps and decided to set up the new com...

    Well I wasn't home when the confirmation letters and stuff was settled and only now (that I finally set it up) when I get to checkin out the com I realise its only running on 2.8GHz! hmmm I thought I specified something like 3.2 or 3.4... Better check the confirmation mail...

    "Suddenly my quite com desk became a bustling network area..."

    Yada yada... I need to clean up my room..


    Monday, July 24, 2006

    JeRmS Has DonE it Again!!!

    Yes its true.... JeRmS caught a Germ..... hahah

    The irony that I 'm being called JeRmS and I'm the most prone to sickness and flu's than anyone else that I know.


    First I thought it was just the dust NOW I KNOW i'm sick... oh well hope I recover before hall camp next mon.

    Anyway bought new specs!! hahah V nice! Whoo!

    Haven't collected it but I'm already in full anticipation!. Shopping with Charlene was great. She's great!!! Whoo! and we caught a movie too! How much do you love me... Artsy is all I can say. It literally portrays every form of sexual and non sexual love in every angle possible and as colourful as the plot sounds, the music was totally in sync too... For the love of film, I give it 4 stars. But if you can't take the "eros" and espcially hate art films..... STAY OUT

    Hee anyway I'm really playing around with my new found toy! WEBCAM! whoo! courtesy of Beatrice! (yay!) So I guess you'd be seeing more pics from now on...

    Grr!!!.... (That's how us monsters say hello!)

    TTFN Tata for now...

    Sunday, July 23, 2006


    I was glancing at photos and I saw this pic recently taken at Esther's birthday.

    Even though ester wasn't in the picture ( and it was her party), this was thr group I hung out most withh in my early JC years and I couldnt help but remember the years and happenings and YES.... HOW SAM TRIED TO JIO STEPH!!!!!!!

    Haha... It's a bitch for me to blog about this and make it public (considering I wasnt directly involved AND I may not be accurately portraying it) but hey... You 2 are happy now and history is all about laughing and learning...

    It was a cool night and the couple sat side be side on their seats... So close yet so far, you could almost hear the thumping of their hearts as their levels of anxiety grow with each passing moment. It was apparent that our male hero has been interested in our dear fair lady for the longest time and yet even with titanic proportions of hinting, our hero hasn't made the final move. This was the night.

    Seconds passed, then mins. Before they knew it, the hour had gone by...

    Hero: "Erm..."

    The silence of the moment was broken. Even though the atmosphere was surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the busy city life many floors below, the icy silence between them had finally been shattered.

    Fair Lady (FL): "Yup?" (Full of hope and longing)

    Hero: "oh it's nothing"

    Slightly dismayed, our FL sits back and sighs. There was tension building up, not the sort that would resort into violence, but rather the sweet kind, frustrated by the wanting to express your inner feelings yet to humble and shy to do so. Many more minutes passed.

    Hero: "Erm..."
    FL: "Yeah?"
    Hero: "Oh nothing."
    FL: "What do want?" (slightly annoyed)
    Hero: "Can I hold your hand?"

    Grabbing our hero's hand, our FL held it in her dainty palms almost as if she had been wanting to do so from the very begining. Slightly taken aback, our hero goes back into a state of solice and quietness.

    The evening went by. Every moment felt like minutes, minutes felt like hours. It seemed like an eternity before the next line came on. (But our viewers have probably gotten the point and I'll cut the chase short)

    FL: "It's getting late lets go home"
    Hero: "Wait I wanted to ask you something."
    FL: "So what is it?"
    Hero: "Will you be my gf?"
    FL: "OK la ok la.... lets o back already..."

    And they lived happily ever after!
    (Don't kill me if you read this!)

    Orientation Week

    Ok Ive just had a week of orientation and I must say it's been fun.

    I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO RA-RA in my life!...

    Well considering how stone I normally am and how I hate to get too involved, the GOD of rara must have been disturbing me.

    Well first up I was at CSA's sprinkle of salt whereby I met the lovely miss charlene, the beautiful cheryl, the hip dancin joel... ig, alex, jill, etc etc the list goes on...

    Joel(my roomie and coursemate) was cool haha the salsa dude... we spent a whole day on ice breakers and left for ADM's camp the next morning.

    The games were fun and all especially the BIG PLOT that the seniors did to punk us.
    All in all it's a bit tedious and long to describe it all...

    All in all they were a lovely bunch and I HOPE I won't have to be so rara to rest my achin bones for at least half a year more.

    So I'll end it with this... Pity I didn't bring a camera, pity my phone has no camera, pity half of us were too tired to really do anything by the last day... (My poor little kitten DOOR'othy especially... hahah I still feel bad)

    Thursday, July 13, 2006

    Net connection and stuff

    Not that I haven't been blogging or wanting to blog but my net connection seems to go whack every now and then. In FACT the prev entry was jammed and I only JUST realised its now!

    I pay (well my dad does) more than a hundred bucks a day to get so called "server like" speeds of 30 mbps and I couldn't even load my google search site this morning...

    Stupid connection....

    Anyway it's time to talk about 2 of the the cutest babies on the planet! Babester Andrea and ma baby Michelle

    "Just what I've always wanted.... a stupid crown of my name on my head!"
    The dynamic duo ran to me one day.

    Babesters: "Kor kor do you want to eat pizza?"
    Then they hand over a sheet of paper with their scribbly handwriting. -pizza- -cheese-

    Jerms : "Erm ok babes. I'll have pizza!"

    B'sters: "Here you go!"... They run over and hands me a bucket with a shovel and a ball.

    Jerms: "This isn't pizza!"

    At that moment the two of them suddenly gave me the most innocent of puppy eyes and go

    B'sters: "Opps I'm sorry... ok wait" and they run of...

    Next they run back again and this time they give me a toy oven..

    B'sters: "Pizza! Nah!"

    Jerms: "Hey!!!! how can I eat this! I think you should use this to cook the pizza first"

    And so it goes the cycle of throwing misc nonsense at me till I finally settled for a tamborine...(for obvious size and shape reasons)

    Jerms: "MMM yum... this looks like a pizza. So can I eat it now?"

    B'sters: "Yup.. but WAIT!!!..... kOR KOR... If you want to eat the pizza you must also eat the bucket the shovel and the stove together!"


    I have lost the battle

    Random nonsense (alcohol and the law)

    oh no........ i'm turning into a drunk

    Inspired by greg (who's already alcoholic), he quit smoking and turned to drinking....

    Well I don't smoke, and have always loved to drink and every since some 10 over bottles of alcohol have been opened, what I couldn't bear to open all these while has become a daily free flow fiesta for me!

    YUM.... With a bottle of baileys staring at me in the morning, Grey goose vodka looking beautiful at night and a carton of beer just waiting in the store..... life suddenly seems all the more beautiful (not to mention the jack daniels, bombay sapphire and a few drops of malibu).

    Switch of the topic, I had a funny conversation with Nat just last night.

    initially had high hopes of ending early that night when a group of indian customers strolled in (in a BIG group) at about 930 pm...

    Thanks to THEM..... we had to stay on late and as we waited to pick up stuff from the outside catering here's how it went...

    Nat, "wah sian... thought can go back early"

    JeRmS, "yeah man. Dunno what's wrong with 'them'.... its always 'them' that always eats so late"

    Nat, "Those f*&kin 'thems' should just wake up their idea (ok.. I can't remember if he did say that but it meant that) If I were the president I'd make a law banning anyone from eating dinner after 9 pm..."

    JeRmS, "Everyone's laughing at us for banning chewing gum.... if you were president, imagine how many more would laugh at that law!"

    I swear... All the intellectual conversations we have everyday makes life oh so goood.....


    Monday, July 03, 2006


    The photos are up....

    Took me almost an hour to do minor tweaking and the original pics mostly sucked... camera siao siao

  • click here to view pics!!!! hee

  • Enjoy.

    Birthday special.

    Today was great!!!!!!!.......

    Everything was great. other than the unforgetable (maybe)unforgivable(if she doesnt return) aunt of mine who had to spoil my morning by borrowing money AGAIN... (but that'll be a topic another time)

    1st of all everyone in my list of unforgivables are FORGIVEN! They all remembered to msg me! yay! (so touched....sobs)

    Next I bumped into Lion King while I was waiting at starbucks for Reiko! Amazing I say.. Haven't seen her in years! And there she is.. suddenly runs up to me on my 21st bday and wishes me on the spot and just nice her flight is tomorrow!

    Next comes
    Reiko! Yay! My shopping, photo taking, makan, movie watching walking talking strolling babe of the day! (Whew.... try saying that in one breath! Thanks!)

    It was kinda embarassing to que for the machine and not know what to do considering how old we were and how young the people taking the shots around us were. But hey! We both look young (I think) and I wanted a photo to use for my orientation ap hahah (not to mention some pic for keeps!)

    We met Shaun! at TCC and he gave us free cake (though we couldn't finish) but it was great and a whole day of shopping got me a new shirt from topshop (thanks to the voucher from cor leaf ppl love yal!)

    The day finally ended with SUPERMAN RETURNS!

    Nothing fantastic..... An overall good performance but very forgetable. Many scenes made me sleepy too.

    So it's back to Reik's place and home again.

    Good company, food and shopping and acomplishing most of what i wanted to do today made it all feel complete. Not to mention the messages from all ma beloved bud's and pals alike... This has made this year's bday definitely special.


    Sunday, July 02, 2006

    21st BIrthday bash!

    So yeah I turned 21..... Not much of a deal really ahahah I think I was hyping it more than it deserved but I must really thank my momma for footing the bill and helping out and all, not to mention putting a strict rule on the banning of "sabo"ing me on my bday haha (you suckers gotta wait till next time) . (Thanks mum! power la you!@ muarks)

    In anycase I really wanted this party to be damn power and special, intending to get dj, sound systema nd all BUT..... Thanks to a whole lota morons who decided to back out (plus the rest who happen not to be in sg) I changed my mind.
    tips are all but welcomed
    Nevertheless I thank ye all for comin' and the extra drinks you all brought made the bar a success and I'm sorry I didn't get DRUNK cuz yeah I was waiting for more people and could not afford to K.O. before the rest came just to kick my dead carcassa around a bit and leave.

    So yup yup... Here's the almost forgiven list......(and they'll be forgiven if they remember to at least msg me happy birthday before july 3rd ends if not you'll be condemned!)

    Ben (for not being free on sat for tea! But already half forgiven)
    Rachel (national team! whoopee!)
    Andrew... etc etc.......... If you have the thickness in your skin to think you are on the list, you probably are.

    Pictures would be posted shortly as soon as my bum of a sister brrings back the digi cam....
    Thanks to all who came!