Saturday, December 30, 2006

Losing CHEER in the LEAD

Losta things I wanna say but I'd just dedicate this 1st blog in ages to the squad that almost made it.

My entire hols more or less revolved around Hall 6 in support for the publicity, acapella and cheerlead.

certain days had scedules like

0830-1730 cheerlead workshop (training full day wake at 730 back in sch by 1830)
1830-2000 capoeira training
2000-2200 acapella practice
2200-0130 cheerlead training
0200..... DINNER....

so much so that I hit a stage of fatigue that even when I sat down It felt as if my whole body was in pain.

sleep was a privilege and so was having a good meal out of hall.

Nontheless I felt obligated to fulfil my word to teronne and vicky and support the dwindling numbers of the cheerlead squad and acapella respectively thus the end of my holiday.

However with the company of great pals like mike who had to juggle not only these two event but also his work in MIDEF, (and off course many others) I can't deny that I had fun throughout this period espcially while performing at places like tanglin mall and at the cheerlead CAS workshop.

Tossing our resident fliers (beauties) Huimin, Teronne and Angela not forgetting (best newcomer award) Ronnie, definitely gave me a great workout and flipping my arse around with mike and qing fu also served as an entertainment.

As they say all good things come to an end. For acapella it has come to the end of the need for christmas carolling (which i'd eleborate next time) and prematurely, the end of cheerlead due to the ever dropping numbers. Competition trials are on jan 20th and we are still short of numbers.

As much as Huimin and Teronne have continually thanked us for our constant effort and support, I'm sure that Mike and qingfu (and those who dedicated themselves to the squad) would agree that the pleasure was all ours.

Hopefully the response next year would be better and we may bring back the top prize once again.

Like Angela said (or was it someone else)... next time wanna get high just look for me and mike and we'd toss you in a second...

Happy new year folks.

TTFM tata for now

Friday, December 15, 2006

Shack...Shagged peng....

I noticed I've not blogged in a LONGGGGGG while... But who can blame me considering my daily schedule during this HOLIDAY FESTIVE PERIOD.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


went for CSA's party.

It was fun to see people you know (though most of em you DON'T know) and simply mingle haha.
The original plan WAS to snoop around and if everything failed.... we'd go chill at worchester park or holland V but since we stayed till the end I guess things went decently ok.

NOT to mention we sang karaoke!!!!!! WHOO!!!

I was dying from a sore throat and barely recovering from a major flu (and I still went with Alvin to sentosa for "SIGHT seeing" ) PLUS i am about to become part of HALL 6"s accapella..... nothing beats screaming your lungs throat and heart out to damage your voice further! whoo!!..

After all karaoke isn't all about singing... It's about the fun in it too!! Bohemian rhapsody!

I'll leave with some pictures..

TTFN tata for now

Friday, December 01, 2006

MIstaken Identity

Ive come to realise recently that Ive been having alot of evil twins!!!! (hahah and me and the real TWINNIE thought we were the only two...

Nontheless... here's the hall of fame...

Bin. A rare person who seems to understand me hence potentially evil
PingApong. Some how or rather we DO looked matched!!! so matched that people ask if you are my sister haha..
Last but not least........... (drum roll)

I think its not Bei Hor that gets the hall of fame in terms of alikeness....

Tell me honestly. You got character don't deny. Within 1 day 2people have mistaken him as my brother and vice versa even tough they supposedly know who we are!!!.. well sorta.

PingApong knew I he was coming over but first impression was.. "eh your brother ah... instead of eh your friend is here"

Nigel Wong! I think he didn't mistake me as Neo's brother!!! And to think I used to know him during the Cat high years.

i'll put photos when i can find my darn card reader...

TTFN tatafornow.