Saturday, September 30, 2006


Heee guess what... I dyed my hair again! lol...
Don't think its a waste of time and money cuz...... I got the dye free! Plus this shall be the basis of my new TEMPORAL LOG.

What is a temporal log? well i don't even know if im spelling it right but yeap. It's for my final proj in 4-d so imay end up blogging alot about it.

And time ticked on and on... so fast yet so slow

Hmmmm I'm a bit skeptical on the colour already... why so dark looking....

Voila! End of phase one!!!! Now my hair looks almost completely black and TOTALLY NOT in line with my initial intention ahha.... oh well... it may work for the best. PLUS... its now helps in my rehab to becoming a good boy again!

TTFN tata for now.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Full Circle

I was feeling all jaded last sunday and stoned for awhile almost deciding to miss church. But the little angel that popped out on the left side of my head dragged me all the way down.

Bumped into FIONA. Long time since I met the girls.

Anyway I kinda chatted with her and told her how my brain works. (Well sorta)

Here's how I think.

WHY don't I like clubbing? Cuz you feel good now... Feel like shit when it's over.

Everything has a positive and negative and is connected like a strong rubber band. The further you pull from either end the more it will snap back and head towards the other direction.

(It pretty much works for everything good at least)

The more you love the more you get hurt. THe more you hate something the more you'll appreciate anything good out of it.

Maybe thats why I tend to take a more nutralistic apprach to things these days. Never really dared do anything that would affect me in the long run.

Then again...... I think I tend to dont' bother doing anything too pleasurable or anything that reminds me of past events too often.

Celebrated JO's bday LAST MONTH and FINALLY got some pics....

Well... If it means getting depressed after having fun with you guys... I might just take the chance... Love yal babes! (and that includes Mai too!) haha

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


AS a special request from King GAYvidom........... I've decided to honour this next entry to the hard work the guys (and gals) of SB5 on buying me the atrociously ridiculous bag (which is cool by the way haha)
Image hosted by Can you spot me my bag and a siao char bor named yiz? haha
by mareomaki
Image hosted by So whats up with everyone's face... And YES i carried that bag from day one to honour your efforts.... appreciate the bag, appreciate my effort .. haha
by mareomaki
and the awesome shoes (thats my current fav)
Image hosted by Never leave home with out em!!! (If not must walk bare footed!)
by mareomaki

Monday, September 18, 2006


Alrights…. Time to Ramble…

I don’t know about the rest and this may come to some as an arrogant arse hole but for a FIRST graded assignment. I think that me getting straight Bs sucked… Nothing was really specified and we get marked down if we don’t do specific styles or things…. Fine… Maybe my penning skills ain’t as good as some professionals out there but I did put in the effort to re-do my work and touched up as best as I can…


Words cannot express it…. Just see the stuff and comment telling me what I deserved… Some of you may think who’s this feller here thinking he deserves more than he has worked for but still some of my work is debatable.


I probably could have done better and compete with “some” people but I was trying to be different and use different styles at approaching things…Honestly I only started using pen when I first entered ADM. I’ve ALWAYS been better at penciling so maybe I should stop being so arrogant and stop use things I’m unfamiliar with. Then again…If you don’t challenge yourself how are you to improve? The choice remains…. Should I go back into my field of specialisation and try to wow the teachers with my slowly decreasing skill? Or continue my never ending quest to learn new techniques?


I’ll decide during my one week recess….. Haha... (A bold statement from JeRmS) “I don’t need to be the top. I just want to get ALL THE A’s” (Try harder arrogant arse)

TTFN tata for now

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Ok I realise how emo I've been lately and concluded no one wants to here the ramblings of an emo dude online. HENCE I shall blog a seperate blog when I wanna emo haha.....

In anycase. It's mooncake galore!!!!!!!

Haha... Hall 6 is selling moon cakes as part of a canvasing fund raising event and I would appreciate it if all you people out there (friends and strangers alike) would place an order or two with me!!!!

The leaflet is up there so take a look!!...
Haha the irony... A friend of mine was asking me to buy moon cakes from him just before I got the task and...... IT EXACTLY THE SAME BRAND! haha......

Tag me on your orders or sms me! Jerms............. 90042223 (I know I shouldn't post my number here but.. whatever)

TTFN tatafornow

Friday, September 15, 2006

Happiest days.

Yiz was telling me. You know what ?

The happiest days of my life was in the 3 or 4 days when I was doing my video for ADM entrance exams. I have watched her video and through it I thoroughly understood what she meant.

Honestly speaking, I've watched it several times already to figure out what makes it work and after listening to her statement, I begun to realise the joy that was exuding out from the video straight into the subconscience mind of the viewer. Everyone who has seen it cannot help but feel happy. I would post it online if I could but then she may sue me for copy write haha.

As for my own video, it was personal, and it made me happy too. I cried twice for it and after it was complete, I was truely happy.

Considering how horrid my life has been these past 3 over years, I actually had a brilliant day last sunday celebrating Jared's Birthday and at Daoshu's departure. (Which I wanted to blog that following day itself but my com crashed twice!!!! )

It was a mixed gathering of sorts around the lunch table but the sight of all the farmiliar faces that had gathered was simply great. We laughed and joked all the way and dated to memories dating as far back as our lower primary days. Some memories so vivid one's self that you could almost hear the voices of yesteryear being played over and over. Yet with each contribution, the already claer images just seemed to form an entirely bigger picture; piecing pictures of the puzzle that almost went bleak into oblivion.

I laughed all day and when night came we gathered once again at the airport.

The last of our final good byes for the next phase of our lives. David, Yong Sheng, MAT, JR, Bird, and many mor have all flown over seas and those that were left were those that came.

"Eh how come so few of us here ah?"
"Cuz we're the only ones left dude."

Ties have been forged and not forgotten. Yet the insecurities of being left out remain. Will they truely be imortalised forever? Time will tell.

Nevertheless it was a heartwarming moment to remember and It definitely brightened my week ahead.

Happiness is when someone remembers you.
Happiness is when you feel that nothing you have done was in vain.
Has anything that I have done been truely appreciated through time?



Friday, September 08, 2006


Ooooookkkkkkkk! Sudimaseeeeeeeeeeeee

You are tuning in to the raddest most infectious NJ(net jockey) on the net airwaves! This is NJ JeRmS speaking to you as VOICES OF HALL 6. ONLY on VI-FM, the station of hall 6 nation where WE TALK, YOU LISTEN and hall 6 ROCKS!

(reporter) "NJ JeRmS! Now that you are posting your opening speech online, what if some one copies you ?

JeRmS : " Well In response to that I don't really care! Cuz there is only ONE virus with the attitude that's going to rock your airwaves."

Net radio, has become a hot topic on my mind and it's a true chance to explore my literacy online!
In anycase the sad era has to end sooner or later and I've finally decided to put my foot down and concentrate on work.

YES work. In fact I came to school with the intention of striving for a scholarship and hopefully leave the school to transfer overseas but all the hype and buzz that's been going on in HALL 6 and my room has been really distracting me. Teachers have complained that I'm tardy and not up to my full potential.


Give me another week to settle my self and settle my soul and I GARUANTEE that you will see a marked improvement in my work and life.

NO more EXCESSIVE suppers (only fine if my work is perfected)
NO more EXCESSIVE playing (only fine if my work is perfected)
NO more EXCESSIVE late nights. (only fine if my work is perfected AND I've got no presentations PLUS I'm feeling energetic)

Boring? This is the LAST leg!!!...
Study boy! Well... not really (Cuz I don't have much study subjects) but work hard!

I once claimed I'm still nothing but a little boy. Well JeRmS has FINALLY.... and yes... you heard it right... FINALLY decided to grow up!.

Hee...... stay tuned to VI-FM every tues and thurs 11pm-1am to listen in.
All you need is to add to msn. to get the news and of course get real player (can get the free download) at to listen in and VOTE... for the voice YOU want to hear most!.

NJ JeRmS signing off.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


My dad bought a new com... AGAIN.... 2nd com in 6 weeks... I'm not really complaing cuz now i get to bring the old com (which still kinda rocks.... just gotta format the bugs away) to hall now... anyway, I'm trying to help my dad setup and transfer the stuff from the old to the new and it's taken up at least 2.5 hours and counting... Supposed to do my art work but I don't know what the hell I'm doing.

Beside me I'm watching "The divine secrets of the yaya sisterhood" an old flick with a star studded cast but I forgot most of their names except ashley judd and sandra bullocks. The show is too heart warming. Too sad. Too carefree. Too emotional.

I'm an emotional wreck. Almost cried 3 times today during my mad bouts and now watching this show I almost cried another two times just cuz I wanted to. Thought about her in the afternoon. It's probably not who you all think it is. I always think of her at a time like this. It's not fair. I'll leave it as that.

"Daddy, did you get loved enough?"
"What's enough? Did you?"

I don't know what has happened to me. Life hasn't been good. I don't blame God. I never do. Remember job.;&version=31;

The show continues.

"Forgive me father for I bear bad thoughts..."
"Then you must bury these thoughts."
"But what if I can't?"
"Then you must ask our blessed mother to teach you how to bury these ideas away and lead you to the right path."

Everytime I think that I cannot make it or feel that somehow I begin to ponder more on the lords prayers.

[... do not bring us to the test but deliver us...]

I quote from ah Poh.
"Let me educate you. It's not that your xxx suck. It's just that good xxx hasn't come yet"

I thought about that statement for a long time.
I used to think and feel the same way.
4 bad years in the past bit of my life has made me jaded.
I tried to look for that silver lining.
Everything happy that has happened has been taken away.
The only thing going on for me now is getting into school.
I hope that I can stay in school.
If I continue writing I know I will cry.

I told someone this afternoon. "I don't believe in anything eternal but god anymore."
There isn't so yeah. Grow up... Nothing lasts. Nothing happy nothing sad.

"I'm sure there are things you remember that you'd rather forget..."

What's wrong with this show....

TTFN tatafornow

Friday, September 01, 2006


To all those who gave their words of encouragement... I thank yee all... hahah

In anycase the matric maze (or however it was spelled or called)just ended and here's the list of what I registered for...

FOC(freshman orientation camp) sic (senior in charge), dnd (dinner and dance) comittee for publications, cheerlead, social games player (bridge), publications sub com, publicity sub com, hexis co-director and publications, VI-FM (hall net radio net jockey) and i have 2 cca's!!!!
And my course work is so heavy i already stayed til 530 am twice this week haha

Madness....... I forsee a bright future of stress........ Lol... not to mention a year of retaining but we'll see...

In anycase this week was a bitch... I swear.. Imediately after I blogged complaining about the 530 am incident another one happens... BUT WORSE.... the teacher came to me personally to tell me I need to put more effort in my work.. hahah EXPECTATIONS.... Somehow a lot of my teachers feel I have great "potential" and everything I do isn't enough... Oh well...

Flattered as I am... I need a break... Thank GOD for creating a day known as the week end lol.

Will update more photos in a jiff..

TTFN tatafornow