Wednesday, May 28, 2008

1st 5 digi paints

Ammendments! Forgot to Credit the Artists Who drew the Drawings. Lol. (Cuz I wasnt sure who did em)
1st and 3rd are drawn by Wang Xun, 2nd I'm still not sure, 4th should be Hazel, 5th is my design redrawn by Ying Hol. and woala! I'm the colourist that has lots to learn. =)

Here are my first 5 digi paintings ever!!!!
well it's for Mark's proj and given the squeeze (about 3-4hrs max) per piece, I didn't manage to finish everything to my desired done'ness...

Nonetheless I'm reasonably satisfied cuz I finally took a chance at experimenting with digital paint so I literally took a couple hours to learn how to manage the brushes and tried a different technique with each piece. Rough but fun.

Well my life now seems more rough then usual anyway. I just can't say I totally regret anything.
Gonna meet Joanna for dinner tomorrow! whoo hoo! Havent seen her in ages.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's complicated

I was watching Indiana Jones earlier and I must say everything was downright cheesy but I kinda enjoyed it! lol.... I remember taht he was one of my all time heroes as a kid but TOTALLY cannot remember a thing about the story (cuz i was too young) just that he was the coolest dude on earth! Which makes me take the cheese so much more easily lol.

Apart from that. I'm in a blank state now. I don't realy know what to feel but it's excruciating.

Guess I still need to fulfill another 2 favours and prove things with my honesty first =)


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

21st may!

21st May is Officially now the happiest day of this month and year. =)

3 mammoth tasks needed that made the day lovely.

1. Make a lily within 3 days!
2. Fulfill 123 requests!
3. Create food from random ingredients that won't poison the ingredient setter and myself!

Very weird cabbage salad


Hee. Hope you really loved it.Cuz I really meant it.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Well there's lots of stuff overdue but here's one of em.
Photos from OUr outing to visit Joan/Eileen's gallery

There Are others but I need to run for Astro class now =)
And what on earth is Ali doing... hmmm Lol


Saturday, May 17, 2008

food blog

Haha.. jia was a bit shocked when she saw how "serious" I was getting into the food blog. But hey I can't say it's not in my interest!.

Good food, Experimental cooking and photgraphy together with a lovely bunch of people is what life's all about!.

Here's something I whipped up this afternoon with Dajie.

And to Itchy, you asked how to learn how to cook? Lol.. well my advice is just cook more. lol you'll gain exp with each time and level up lol!. And can try my recipe cuz it's simple la...

Okie... time to zzz

BUt before that.. here's my latest photo journal.


Friday, May 16, 2008


haha... No sooner did I say i'm closing this blog I decided to open it again.. hahaha...

I've concluded that it'd be too much for one blog to handle so I'd split the work load..

Wordpress shall be for Food and life, Blogspot shall be for school and art.

Simple answers!.

Well nothing to update at the moment cuz im busy with the dino project.. BUSY BUSY>...


Monday, May 12, 2008

The move

I'm shifting my entries to a new site... or rather.... restarting a blog and trying to keep certain links.....

well It'll take time so to friends and kaypohs alike.

here's ma new blog add.

err ps. nothing's there yet so for visitors no hurry.. lol.

TTFN tatafornow

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Blog this Blog THat

Had a BBQ.. it was great. But the photo's were all on facebook.

Ha and was at Gab's wedding...

Now I'm just a sick little (fat) puppy waiting to be pampered. haha.

HAPPY mother's day to all the mum's around the world!

Would upload pics and write with a more exciting lingo when I'm back to health... Oh and crap forgot to pay hostel bills.... hope they'll accept my "sick" story and show some mercy when I go down in the morning.

PLus had yummy supper !!! hope you enjoyed it too =)

TTFN tatafornow.

Friday, May 02, 2008

i've Survived...

It's finally the supposed end of a year in ADM.

However our extended deadlines have pushed our long awaited break to the 6th of may. However, with shooting covered, we can finally ease up and work at our own pace.

Thats my first crappy reel.

Well I'd love to upload DA'ren but he's still in the work in progress stage. so Id just put up a few more stills.

We so we scaled the roofs of ADM to recce for my master plan, laid down in a circle on the prickly grass, witnessed a shooting star and screamed "I SURVIVED YEAR 2"!! *smiles*

And since today was Eileen (our mentor's) BIRTHDAY!! we invited a special guest JIMMY!!!!!

We actually went there and sang her the "WEEEEEEE" version of happy birthday... hahah (I'll talk about it and upload another time) And bought her a Famous Amos cookie and 3 Roses!

Well, there's much to edit and though it's almost the end of a grueling sleepless and tedious project, the memories would stay (oh gosh I'm so sappy, sobs) forever Forever forever....

"SO TELL ME..... Is this the end or the begining of SOME KIND?" HIA HIa Hia....

TTFN tatafornow