Thursday, November 23, 2006


Alrights..... it's time to update about the latest event going on.

yeah sure many are rather alarmed by the fact that I ONLY have 2 papers one of which starts next monday, 27th NOV (yes to all those who FINISHED already stop laughing) but hey... whereas you slackers have been chillingout all semester I have been slogging for my assignments and it's only fair that I can slack during this period. LoL..

Went to Loo's ex secondary sch's grad as a makeshift photographer.

WHoo! Ok ... The only thing me and Bin could say was.. Wah the standard not too bad. LoL..

Pity I went late. No time to mingle.. You know... 16-18 yr olds with me.. 21.... not that bad an age gap. Lol...

Nontheless I can't upload the photos YET. Be patient!!

KK time to go back to sch to hit the books! *BiSh*

TTFN tatafornow

Friday, November 17, 2006


Been trying to update my blog all week but the school connection too slow and bizzare so my entries can't come up.

Anyway........ here's a copy and paste of what I WANTED to say

Been having a spanking good time with my new phone lately. BUT with the lacking of auto focus etc on its 2M pixel cam, the pics are less than desirable. Nontheless. A phone is a phone, a cam is a cam and the walkman functions are great!

WHOO!Just collected my EXLIM back from the super cool "The Gateway" complex (which from many angles at a distance look like a paper cut out )
BUT the geniuses in my house told me that the battery is with me when i was asking for it and forgetful JeRmS conveniently replied with the single syllabus "ORH...". Now I'm stuck with a camera, charger, memory card, cable etc etc etc.. BUT NO BATTERY PACK....

We are all Geniuses in one family hahah.... Just some random photos off the phone....

(Mind you I already did colour tweaking and minor enhancements already so you can imagine what I mean by crappy photos)

TTFN tatafornow

Sunday, November 12, 2006


hi... haven't wrote in almost a month! gasp!!!..
DOn't really have time and I also don't have pictures with me at the moment.

Well just went for (uncle) Greg's wedding.. lol...

In anycase. YES..... It's me!!! On the front page of nanyang chronicles. haha STOP ASKING... I was tricked! Lol... plus I'm (in the words of jason) a photo shut.

Hmmmmmm nothing much to say so I'll end with this........ The girls still love me? haha I wish...

Well my new found relative say i very shuai make me happy for a night but thats about it.. hahah everyone else telling me to lose weight ahah...

TTFN tatafornow.. JeRmS