Friday, February 29, 2008

Pix-are-Us...MISONINJA (mee-sooo-nin-ja!)

Thursday was like tiring but shiok!! Leaving hall at 930am and only reaching back into the comforts of my room at 1030pm (just to drop my equipment and run down to the JCRC room to collect the HO clips for editing and discussing with KH) then sorting out the shots into sequences and folders allowed me to sleep no earlier than 330am!!

Taking close to 2100 photos in one full day is a record even for a crazy amateur photographer like myself. Non the less it was a process that had to be done and even if all the shots were used (which is not possible after editing) that only translates to 175 secs which is roughly 2.9~3 mins.

It began mostly as a brain child of Dion and myself but everyone definitely played a major role from buying the cloth for costumes and set ups.

I'd like to log the day's efforts but that'll prob be too much... all I can say is that we totally skipped lunch and shot straight till dinner which started after 8 pm! But here's a short note on the day's plan non the less...

Morning - rush to clementi to get fabric and then to Yiz's place for to rush our costumes.

* note - All the girls think they're fat so we need to cover as much as possible! EXCEPT Hazel who's supposed to be our model and since she wasn't there at the making/design of costumes has no right to veto!

Late morning - Rush a cab down to Palawan beach for the 1st shoot.

* note - Since we're unsure of the end product, we'll take more beauty shots from Hazel so that we'll AT LEAST have something to show the audience.

Midday(late 3pm?) - End of ACT II . Planning of water scene.

*note - Yiz hopes to finish early so we can have some fun on the beach... Jessica shows us her super floating skills and... I need to rush back for capoeira Training.... zzz.

Sundown - Final shots are taken and we tried to squeeze in some opening titles using sand drawings.

*note - We were hungry as hell and I had to miss on training sobs... Decided to go for some swizz cheese and curry at some HK cafe at VIVO! (great recomendation from Dion)

Night - Accompany Yiz to her home to get stuff followed by my trip to hall to discuss on the hall end video... (SOBS>>> I HAVE NO LIFE>>>sorta...>>so we try to find life in work)

Jessica's Very First Sand burial.....

Stay tuned to watch out for the Pixelation video when it's finished!

TTFN tatafornow

joan bday

Rather than getting joan a whole bunch of "cute" stuff that she won't use, we decided to be practical and got her 21 items she could use or would like. (idea courtesy of Jiaqi... Who isn't part of the gift but joined for the shopping anyway! haha)

Nontheless we all paid a visit to our dear fellow animator Joan for makan and good company.

Been having a hell of a week with my isane schedules and this has been the only real break I've had this entire recess week.
Of items that would soon be posted are pixelation, paintings, advanced drawing, sketches and a special stopmotion on my drawing.

Back to work folks! BTW photos for grabs!

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    Thursday, February 21, 2008

    busy bee

    here's my cute little dino that got vandalized.... THere's another that I would like to post but don't have it.

    Busy busy is of me.... Where life takes me we shall see


    Tuesday, February 12, 2008

    The Lazy Artist

    I did a couple of portrait drawings earlier today in advanced drawing class but figured that it wasn't relevant to my concept and hence I ended up giving it to our model... (what was her name again? Happy early valentine?)

    Well I just discovered that she's just a little girl that's about to grad from Temasek Poly. Well not really little but yeah and she's actually thinking of coming over to ADM to study as well lol... How odd, haha imagine a work study whereby all your classmates get to see you naked... Lol...


    In anycase, it's freakin' 521 am and I'm in the stop mo Lab playing around with "Porh kaerh"!

    He's my baby dino birdy that was the ancestor of GODZILLA!.

    He's kinda cute but skinless... and is sadly another last minute crap production (though I've kinda grown attached to the little feller) due to the lazy bones of Yours truly... the shitty artist.
    Apart from that classes start at 9 am and I've still got tonns to work with...(The actual animating part)

    My 'concerned' classmates used to bother themselves with things like me not able to submit my assignments on time... now they only bother about stuff like my hair and the hannah which was scribbled on my hand by Aunt M.

    I swear I've never gotten so many... "WHAT happened to your hand!" comments ever! lol...Thanks non the less... hee

    Back to work!


    Wednesday, February 06, 2008


    i just had my reunion dinner at home... it was Steam boat. Something which I don't pareticularly enjoy, but this year I think it tasted so much better.

    Hmm.. Well it's gonna be a real rush for me since i've got assignments and all to rush.. But I guess it's all my on fault for procrastinating. So many ppl aren't free this year as well So I guess this short holiday will pass by in a flash.

    Earlier Aunt M said that the next person she's gonna date has got to be a woman. Haha. Well I don't really know how to reply to such a statement but I definitely don't really encourage it.

    Well everything seems so fleeting to me lately that I'm losing interest in a lot of things. Maybe If i get my cam fixed and go shooting with aunt M will my interest in things come back.

    Think i'll write more next time lest I start to spiral down the emo road.


    Sunday, February 03, 2008

    random contraversy

    I finally Completed a small tiny part of what little work my little brain could handle. But there's still my overdue stuff to handle (includes the auscham stuff) and my project which i'll do when I wake up.

    The dude's supposed to be shy. I didn't do the rigging, just the posing. But I hope I got my message through.

    The next thing I'm gonna rant on about is on PORN... Yes.. controversial but it will be my short topic. I always wondered.... How the hell do those Japanese producers manage to convince so many young and HOT chicks into doing it? Is the dough really that good? Or is it just a culture that they accept such scandalous behaviors. Nontheless I always questioned myself... As much as I get turned on or enjoy watching such hot babes online (YES I'm a perv... along with all the other millions of men AND WOMEN out there so be quiet!) I always wondered if I'd be able to date any one of em considering their profession.
    And example of an OMG... What's she doing in this industry!!!!!! GODESS...the rest is censored lol... (hey come on this is a family lovin blog)

    I won't say I'm possesive.. But I kinda get peeved by the idea of sharing puss... So yeah. If the situation ever arises, am I able to really truly put down the past of the woman whom I'm dating?

    It'd be a real shame if anyone who dates a porn star simply does it for the sex. Not that I'm against the idea of sex but it was really after reflecting on an earlier relationship that I decided it's more healthy to be in a more... husband and wife sorta relationship.

    Meaning... You still do enjoy the sex and stuff but most of the time you ain't super lovey dovey. Well it's thanks to that thinking that led to Jo complaining that we're so "lao fu lao qi" and there wasn't much excitement and romance....

    Guess I'm still learning how to balance it all. =)

    But yes. Back to my topic. Would anyone of you readers and voyeurs out there date a porn star? Prostitute? Well basically a sex worker. If you do have comments, please tag me.

    In the words of an old friend, "Come on dude. It's a job! Maybe they didn't have a choice, and many have families to feed. Support them la... well even if you don't, at least treat them like proper humans making ends meet."

    I don't know about support, but at the end of the day I guess it's all about how much you love the person isn't it? If you do love her enough, I'm sure you'll forgive anything... Just don't end up a sucker and simply forgive blindly... That's all.


    Saturday, February 02, 2008


    Today's blog is all about photos!

    Went to the museum with status ever changing Mayee (explained later)

    Wonderful stuff they are showing. A little less that I expected (cuz i thought there'd be like super many items) but apparently it's already a record breaking figure that the Louvre was loaning out as it is.

    On the left is a very nice looking pot and on the right is a freaking old 2000 triple plus year old spoon! Haha crap descriptive skills I still have even after all my art hist lessons.

    And the paintings on those little pots were supposed to be... OOOO... the "beginings of animation..." haha.

    Now I shall juxtapose dressings from the EAST meets WEST.


    Aunty monster finally turned human the last time we met and THIS TIME... Entering the mystical realm of the helen and Greek world, she has once again upgraded herself to be compared to Aphrodite, the Goddess of beauty (I think).

    Well I must say the amount of skin exposed was slightly different but oh well.. hahahah....

    Our fair Goddess Being Dressed in another style.

    Aristotle was amused Just to be in her company

    "Ok you can take a photo and bask in my beauty but be quick!"

    Never thought we would still be playing dress up at this age. But oh well since there wasn't anything for men..... I got to escape. Hur Hur..

    Last but not least I'd like to conclude with a few quotes that we found all around the national museum that day...

    "The wine urges me on, the bewitching wine which sets even a wise man to singing and to laughing gentle and rouses him up to dance and brings forth words which were better unspoken." - Homer c. 700BCE

    "Thus have the Gods spun the thread for wretched mortals: That they live in grief while they themselves are without cares; For 2 jars stand on the floor of Zeus, of the gifts which he gives, on eof evils and another of blessings" - Homer c. 700BCE

    "Love, who is most beautiful among the immortal Gods, the melter of limbs, overwhelms in their hearts the intellegence and wise counsels of all Gods and all men." -Hesiod c. 700BCE