Tuesday, June 19, 2007


MY birthday is coming (July the 3rd!!!! rememebr that) and what better way to celebrate than getting myself a present.

courtesy of my wonderful darling mysterious woman number 9! Muarks many many and my momma.

In any case the bundled software included corel painter3... a bit less user friendly (cuz i'm used to adobe hot keys in photoshop) but definitely more item specific.

In anycase... they are all inter usable and i decided to spend the last half hour testing out my spanking new warcom tablet....

Happiness is of I....
Here it is!! my fav topic! women! (I just had to draw one after my drawing draught)

There was no reference to anywhere plus i was just fooling around wit the tools so this is rather sub standard if you have to comment.

Non the less for a test piece in half hour I'm happy to get this much... NO eraser rubbings. NO hassle and no "omigod i used the wrong colour!!! what will i do now!!!"

I call her... FACE test... (shitty name but ya)

TTFN tatafornow

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Days


I'm bored.....
heee.. supposed to do up the DnD web page and now somehow Aiwei's job on the FOC page and logo is mine to do as wel not to mention tammy's job on her dragon boat team... and NEVER forget project jam!!!!

Tommorow I'll do a whole day's work i swear! and I'll definitely post something up (I hope)

TTFN tata fornow. JeRmS

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Well as I have been ignoring my blog for the longest time It's one of those here's to update myself and my pals whats going on in my life.

Came back from a slightly over a week long holiday 2 weeks ago to KL and phuket.
All in all it was a shopping and dining fest together with my wonderful beautiful kyu. And as usual we managed to find stuff that tickled our bellies into balls of laughter.

"Where mama?! where?"

"Even Confucius felt lost when he drove in"

Up next, I'm strongly encouraging those who can afford it to throw cash into sunshine empire simply cuz it DOES make money be it short term or long.

And last but not least, apart from dnd, Project JAM is on the way.

Entertainment Cafe and BISTRO is our aim, and Project JAM's the name.

Where else within NTU can you get gourmet coffee at affordable prices?
Cafe express? Don't make me puke. Even while talking to our NTU contact (some important feller that I won't disclose the name) when she used cafe express as an example I do believe I heard the word SuX 4 times within one sentence....

It's convenient!..
First of all it's within school compound, expected to be at S3.1 and running by the start of next year.
Secondly We intend to provide Delivey onsite of campus from as early as 8am to as late as 12pm (timing to be revised hee)

we provide equipment (and they are of high quality if you know your stuff) for artistes to JAM!!! chill out, eat, drink or simply enjoy the ambiance. Rent our place at the most affordable of prices! Hold events!! and if you become a regular performer, use our stuff for free! Not to mention discounts from us.

Will upload when I finalise my designs and layout.

TTFN tatafornow

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Haven't updated in the longest time and my tag board is down due to lack of use.

Well all in all I'm in the process of opening a cafe in NTU and hopefully all goes well.

Calculations and admin alone cut my sleep time and I'm still busy thinking up what to put for the DnD webby (when the fu*kers) aren't even garuanteeing me a confirm spot in the hostel.


LIFE"s not great at the moment.
only 2 things can cheer me up now.

1. If i miraculously lost 10 kg over night (without side effects and it will last for a long term)
2. If the cafe gets full approval and sponsorship and that it runs so well we'll make a first million in company funds within 18 months.


Will put the board up soon and hopefully designs and plans foe work to come,

TTFN tata for now.