Sunday, October 22, 2006


I'm too tired to really write much but my weekend was totally taken by GOD!! haha

Friday evening till sunday late...

Facilitated for CJC's retreat...

This morning went for mass for my grand dad's 1st year death anni and night is taken by Rosary session at home..

Spiritually charged.. Yes
Tired?... On the verge of collapsing..

I'll end with a few photos.


Mirabel was proud of her teeth

TTFN tata for now

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Many things happened this week.

This time I shall NOT go in normal order but reverse order.

Sadness!! the busses were full and didn't wanna stop and when I finally reached class, I was greeted by a solemn class (for once) and the prof went, "Please leave the room." VOILA! I'm back in hall...

Next up. Last night was S.I.X!(Singers in X-tion) and I was co-hosting with Alvin all night. Fun stuff! And the contestants were more then impressive... They were great! And the black horse in the competition was non other than MR HALL 6 himself! KT!!! whoo!!

Following which I was techie for the night in VI-FM where "we talk you listen and hall six rocks!". Topics for the night were damn random and it was cool just to chil out with vintage and gin.

Last but not least. The CLIMAX (drumroll).............. TUESDAY NIGHT........

Surprise birthday BBQ for JINGLUN!!! my roomie! hee... It was a last minute colaboration by me and ivy. and after some last minute calling, the J3 responded to the SOS and hence the party group was founded!

Well I prep'ed most of the stuff but without th car and money and many technical details, It couldn't have been the success that it was. All in all there was food there was drinks, People came down and PONDING WAS IN ORDER!!!!

Names of victims
1. Bday shadow... Poh Jing Lun! (and got poled also)
2. jeRmS......... Me (The poor roomie)
3. Mudpie........ Al Juffri (caught in the crossfire)
3. Charcoal...... Lin Jin Han (when all the other J's are wet, this one cannot escape)
4. Vintage....... Elvin (senior that ponded mudpie.... guess what... you got PONDED!)
5. Depak!........ Depak! (Just cuz he was the closest person and we had no strength left haha)

ALl was cool and the seniors helped alot. Thanks ppl! Oh and check out the card that was printed on the spot!!

Hope you enjoyed bro!

TTFN tatafornow

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Truly Happy

Yesterday was brilliant.

I had a long sleep and woke only at 12 feeling totally refreshed and energized. Following which I went to the Catholic Spiritual Centre to attend a prep facilitator’s retreat course which totally revitalized my spirit. Lots of prayers and lots of answers were given and received. I even met Adriel and Rebecca who were there as facilitators in prep too!

Next in line was “White’s” birthday! Whoo!! (we decided to let black be known as white for a day… an oxymoron)

Free flow Brewerkz(Golden Ale), Sauvignon Blanc, Reds, champagne and drinks as well as fantastic Northern Indian cuisine. What more can you ask for… and though some may disagree, some of his NUS friends were HOT! Haha.

Having a shitty 2 months of school, Thursday’s stint at rushing my essay through till Friday lesson really hit the spot.


And whoala! GOD answered my calling with a little help from al’whitey that day. Went home later and played basketball this morning. My ankle got busted, I got burnt and I’m aching all over… BUT… How fun it is to feel this again. I love my life. Well for now haha……..

Hopefully Black.. (his white day has expired) will send me some of his bday pics and I’ll load em up!

TTFN tatafor now


Saturday, October 14, 2006

4-d class..

Here's something we did in class...

Totally random, totally cool... 3 lines each and we'll have a pool!
(I typed out the script for easy reading.)

guess the theme.

I look at the wall. I think. Looking at the floor, I see footsteps. OUR footsteps. My feet trace the path. My slippers expose them. They are dirty. What to do? Nothing to be done.

NO. He took the slippers, ran to the tap, wash them clean. Went to the living room, he waited for her call. But to no avail, he decided to make the first move.

He called the girl to make an appointment the next day. He was so excited to meet her, so he bought a new cloth to impress the girl.

(Fiona aka FIFI princess)
Waiting for the day to arrive. Preparing for best outfit to give a good first impression. The girl did not turn up on time.

Theguy waited for a long time before he left. The girl who finally turn up at the meeting place could not see anyone. Bothe of them were very disappointed with each other.

They realise that it's time for them to part each other and go on with you own life. Then decided to take abreak and went on holidays. One went to Hawaii and one went to Bali.

(Yiz aka itchy, zhik kee)
But no matter how far apart they went, they were never relly apart, somehow its'd been some time, but it'll always remain the same.

(Chia Meng aka charming!)
The star-crossed lovers will always remain apart as they wait forever for a future they will never attain. And it is apparent that neither of them, is willing to wait any longer.

I was tempted to edit the grammar and the structure but I chose to remain true to the original text due to the sheer beautiful rawness of the script. Hope yal enjoy its as much as I did.!


TTFN tatafornow

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Street Clap

Me and Bin went down to the street clap!!! In an effort to support our up an dcoming star WIDJYAJYA!!!!(duno if i spelt it right) anyway, the only thing we could see and talk abou tthe whole night were all the babes in the area. Lol

nontheless I forgot I had a camera with me and we didn't wanna be caught as (the) voyeurs (that we ARE) so we just sat down and bitched.

After a watching a few performances of the street show finally it was the turn of the UAN. And seriously....... those were some trashy performances but considering they are specialists in other fields, and that singing was new to all of them I forgive em.....

Then suddenly amongst the thorn bushes, A rose apeared in "ONE NIGHT IN BEIJING!!!" Haha Wid took us by storm!!! Totally impressive totally filled with impact. All our mat brothers and mina sisters were impressed too!!

lol... It was topped of with a slice of cake at TCC selegie and the staff getting into our picture haha....

Rating of the day.... Goood

TTFN tata for now!