Tuesday, March 25, 2008

#Rule 2 A man must not be Jealous!

Well there's lots to Say about today. Firstly... since its passed midnight, Happy BIRTHDAY JIA QI!!

1. Went to Daiso to buy materials for stop mo but as usual my 'brilliant' luck says that they "zhoon zhoon" must today do stock take so closed....

2. Ended up wandering around the gigantic Giant, buying 99 bucks worth of groceries.

3. Spent the rest of the day prepping the food stuff till my fingers got soggy and peely.

4. FINALLY replaced my thumbdrive ( which went missing ) with a new toshiba 4gig one and my 2 gig SD card which corrupted for only 44 bucks in total!
(Challenger prices are great!)

5.Passed out on Hall anniversary (cuz it would only make me depressed to hang around people if they don't wish to hang around me).

6. Would have gotten more depressed to realize others got a cert of commendation for cheer lead when I myself probably gave my all (more then most) and received nothing. And though I was but a reserve, had no recognition for volleyball which won the championship.

7. However Wei Ee Msged me that she thought the video that I edited for the hall Anniversary was great which made me happy =)

Well it's not about the ego or whatever, it's about the appreciation of effort. Fair enough attention cannot be so easily shared it such a big community but still a simple word of encouragement such as the text from Wei Ee would have made my day.

Kawaii DOORothy was saying she'd feel sad if people forget to ask her to eat, and don't guys feel the same? My reply was. "I can't remember the last time someone approached me to go for lunch or dinner. It's more of a give up already."

And to those who know me, I hate to eat out alone hence my hermit life in hall.
Well all's not doom and gloom cuz happy things like Dajie's help today, preparing yummy food, me finally getting new stuff and Wei ee's msg just makes things better =)
Gosh... I'm so pansy these days... PMS is near... must be the final projects that are driving me mad.

#Rule 2 * A man must not be Jealous!

TTFN tatafornow


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