Monday, March 10, 2008

Mini Exhibit

Today I felt like I did a lot! And that makes me happy esp since I cleaned my room (including the ceiling fan!!) and it feels so neat and tidy now! Whoo!

Anyway I was dead tired by 10pm earlier (cuz I worked quite a bit last night/morning) so I decided to sleep and wake at 6am to work again. HOWEVER as it seems my body clock has gone mad and hence I woke at 1'ish am and decided to go straight to sch and worked on my advanced drawing project till now (which is 5am)... And there I Find poor adorable little Peiling still there doing her presentation tom morn.
JeRmS - "Smile leh.."
Dorothy - (nick name haha ) "huh... no more energy to smile liaos.."
The sad life of an ADM (Always Do More) student.. lol.

More stuff missing and being the "animation rep" (who does nothing) I'm really getting irritated and am probably going to propose SEVERE punishments (Best is expulsion) on culprits caught. Anyway my memory card corrupted awhile ago and hence I decided to start from scratch again on my "Drawing stop mo piece".

Since I'm at it Might as well give a small amateur lesson on basic drawing and rendering.

1. When having 2 or more ppl/items, it's good to gauge the distance by placing their heads (which can be used as a unit of measurement) in the right position.

2. Start with a simple rough sketch (don't go crazy on detail from the start)

3. When happy, harden the lines (some choose to keep lines soft) for accuracy

4.Pick out main dark spots paying attention to negative spaces (gaps) and loosely darken.

5.Colour out highlights
6. Erase and go again!

Not a bad thing that I had to re-do cuz I get to tidy up certain unsure elements that I initially encountered.
And since the emphasis of this piece is motion and in this case stop motion animation is also present (Note I didn't post all the frames... too many)
Alot of detail could be left out.

A thousand Thanks to my old pal and his girl, Jared and Crystal for your help once again! =) (I'll do your portraits and treat yal lunch on a later date IF I GET MY DISTINCTION hahaha)

(Oh and I'll send you the pics and video when I'm free to edit them)

Here's some of the works found around the Advanced drawing room.

I named the pics so ya... Not gonna bother labeling them again...
Well most of them are just class work, ranging from 1 min to 20 odd minutes so the quality can only go that far. Kinda fun though..

The one on the left belongs to George. Quite a promising year one student and it seems this is his 2nd ever painting. Roughly 1.5 metres by 1 metre in size. Pretty impressive I might add... I think he spent about 5 weeks on this.

The one of the right is some still life prob also by a year one (unkown)... It's ok... but Took it anyway since I was feeling trigger happy.

Above is my experiment with chinese Ink, charcoal and chalk. Think it was a 40 minute pose and the size is about 100cm x 80cm. Steph (our model) is charming as usual and zen (the other one) was... err intriguing haha... Never seen anyone that fat in the nude before. A good learning experience.

Finally.. Porh Kaerh!!! hahah.... This painting is tiny... A4? I think... And it's incomplete (haven't glazed) but I finally had a camera with me so i couldn't resist taking a pic.. haha... Really grown attached to this dino chicken haha.

GOSH! I've been blogging for 75 mins!!!(its 615am!).... All the stupid uploads take so long in hall. haha. Gotta zzz liaos... project meeting at 1130.. Like I said... sad life of the ADM'er hahah




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